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I seem to run across a channel now and then that merits space on my subscription list on YouTube.

Not sure if it has been done before, ( a quick search here didn't yield much),
but I thought I would get everyone's latest thoughts on YouTube content providers - yes, especially watches, but other content that interests you can qualify as well. I intentionally omitted two or three heavy hitters in the watch category. We'll see if they show up in your list(s)!

Lets keep it fun, recommendations, jabs, jars or a thumbs up are fair game. Lets be civil while we air our opinions and who knows, maybe some great channels we overlooked will pop up!


To get us started - here are just a few that I haunt from time to time.

Watch Channels in no particular order:

-Watch Report. com (of course mister Evans is on here!)
-Relative Time
-Maverick Watch Reviews
-Watch Addiction Watch Reviews
-JustBlueFish Watch Reviews
-Paul Thorpe Watch Dealer

I love machines:
-Scotty Kilmer
-Engineering Explained
-Engineer Man
- Adam Savage’s Tested
-Practical Engineering

Misc Knowledge , hey I love learning! :

-Origins Explained
-Bright Side
-Educari Unlimited - college level lectures on history etc.
- Joe Scott

Fun, time wasting but cool content:

- Demolition Ranch

- Hydraulic Press Channel ( note, this guy is prone to cussing, but I find it
hilarious with his accent. I believe he's in the Netherlands, Denmark or
another beautiful country in that region!)

- How Ridiculous

Background Music Chill by:

-Cafe Music BMG Channel
- Best Smooth Jazz - Rod Lucas

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Hey, this is really great Scott, and Enrico !! :clap2: :clap2:

Never have subscribed to a channel actually, but know some of those
ones you guys are showing, and now have a ton more to check out
above that's for sure. ..Thanks a lot !!! :smileyface_hand_cla

Always liked
Oh, and Long Island Watch too.

..and just found out about...

Richard Perrett Watchmaker
yesterday thanks to Chaz. :)

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What, no Archie Luxury, sacrilege!

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When I am looking for G- Shock content I hit up GShock HighFashion or DougFNJ.

Also, watch videos is great for Seikos of all sorts!

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Keep them coming gentlemen!

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Archie Luxury is a buffoon, but he can be great comic relief at times.

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Here are some channels that are always on my list...

Linus Tech Tips
Deep Astronomy
SciShow Space
Philip DeFranco
Technology Connections
The Infographics Show
Rick Beato
Today I Found Out
Joe Scott
Jake Baskinger
Late Night with Seth Meyers
PBS Space Time
Real Engineering
Everyday Astronaut
Absolute Science
China Uncensored
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Just to name a few, My brain likes a good workout...
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