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Yellow gold / gold plated time pieces

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Being on two forums and observing others occassionally, I have noticed for some time now that "yellow" just ain't gettin it in the wrist watch community anymore. Although I have a few "yellows" in my collection, they are but a mere fraction of it and get very little wrist time (except for my father's 60's Omega which was a wedding gift from my mother to me......... A Grail if you will).

So my question is........... "Is "yellow" dead on the vine in the wrist watch universe? I still see them in jewelry stores and various retailers, but judging from our buying habits, looks like a severe downtrend to me. Even the "high enders" are doing much more rose, white gold, titaniumand platinum.

Your thoughts??
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I'm not a fan of all gold. In my collection I have one gold and black Swiss Legend Commander chrono and one two tone Citizen Day/Date Eco-drive. I have no plans to buy any other gold, and all-gold is definitely out for me. IMO the gold watches are taking a back seat to the rest. I think you see many gold watches on clearance and this may be an indicator that they are not selling well. I am liking the titanium cases because they are so light and make the larger watches more comfortable to wear.
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Overall, I don't think that yellow gold (or plated/IP) is dead yet in the industry.

However, I prefer rose gold, almost every time. Yellow gold seems so pale to me in comparison to the warmth of Rose gold.

My last yellow gold piece was the Renato Dual Time OTV which I bought in 2-tone. I didn't select the Rose, because the entire watch was Rose gold IP. I didn't want this, so I opted for the SS/Yellow gold. It's OK. :)
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I think all gold watches will never be gone from buyers because it's just something that too many people will wear. I don't wear any all gold watches but I love gold and stainless TT watches and wear them all the time. Not a fan of rose gold. Not sure why exactly but it just doesn't do much for me.
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I think out of the 60 I had I had 10 of them in Gold Arnie, I dont have any issue's wearing gold watches. I stated this the other day, Yellow gold does not look very attractive on fair skinned people, which is why my big azz is always at GE Beach!
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I think you're right Arnie; standard gold has lost it's appeal to many.....but me. I guess I am still a bit old school, I like the Rose, etc. but still find the traditional gold more appealing. That being said, I still would prefer to have SS but find that if looking at "gold" I gravitate toward the traditional look.

Good post and observation A.:b

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I think it really depends on how it's done anymore.

In the past a gold watch was kind of a status symbol.

Even today.

It looks nice if it's woven into a nice design (yellow gold, that is)

I always get complements on this one and it one of the cheaper Invictas I own.
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