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***WRUW Thursday 3/16/23***

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Happy Thursday to everybody ! :);)

Going with the Sorna once again on this end... (y)

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Stormy weather on the farm. 40+ inch accumulation and 62h of no power. Been a long time since I shoveled this much snow!
The Seiko earned it's 5 stars clearing the yard and driveway...

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Still shoveling the next day...

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Yowza, some amazing watches AND snow as well as pictures
of everything. 😯☃❄ WOW, just wow, look at all of that ! 😲
Be careful with all of that hard work sir and take it easy if you
can too.

Oh and send some of that our way. 😉 We have had like no
snow hardly at all this year. 🙁 But thank you for making it at
least feel like winter for all of us !!!
1 - 2 of 22 Posts