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Something new and shiny today! I have been seeing these Brunmontagne watches over on WUS. The owner, Pascal, would post a different model up on daily WRUW thread and I was hooked. I have learned to wait it out, though, and see if I still like it enough to buy one in 6 months or a year. If the feeling hasn't changed then I know it's a keeper.

The Brunmontagne Representor:

Well, exciting Saturday...congrats on a new and very handsome watch. I appreciate the shots of the case, I like what he's done. It looks solid and has a beautiful dial. What's it rockin' inside?

That's an excellent buying strategy; sounds like me talking to my eldest boy about tattoos. Looks like a great bracelet too, this is great, I hope you enjoy it as much as your vinnys.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts