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Giving my 1969 Gallet MultiChron Pilot (reverse panda dial) some wrist time! It has a Valjoux 72 movement and was originally designed for aviation and auto racing, It was my fathers who passed away some years ago, He bought it in 1969 and wore it every day as a aviation mechanic and it shows it, He retired it to his sock drawer many years ago when it stopped keeping good time, I brought it back to good working order after replacing a few worn parts, replacing the mainspring with an updated unbreakable alloy mainspring, found a crystal that would fit it, and I added a set of hands that I could actually see and tell the time. I did all the work myself and I know my dad would be amazed and proud that his son could do the work on his watch himself...

Last I checked this model was rarer than most all of the other Gallet Chronograph models and it is second in value only to one other model.

Being my dad's watch I will never sell it and unless I have someone to pass it on to I will be buried with it on my wrist! lol

Here's what it looked like before its many years as a daily driver on the wrist of a great aviation mechanic of 50+ years of wrenching!

Here is my father building one of his bendix/TCM aviation mechanical fuel injection test benches that he designed and are to this day still the best in the world for testing bendix/TCM aviation mechanical fuel injection systems!

Checking for heat in all the 8 cylinder heads of a running Lycoming 8 cylinder 720 cid aircraft engine!

You did a beautiful job on that watch. Enjoy! Your father would be very proud of you.
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