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Would you consider any Rolex "Stealthy Wealth"

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Hey everyone,

So long story short is I like everyday watches & have been a huge Rolex fan but they just do not seem to be an everyday type of watch. I find myself always talking to people about it or getting compliments (which can be great, but I am not the one for that type of chitter chatter). I have been looking to continue the Rolex trend within my watch collection but have been craving a very "low-key" or "stealthy" style.

First question would be, do you think any model is "stealth wealth" or would you consider none of them to be that way. The second question I would have to ask is what Rolex are you currently wearing ( WRIST CHECK! ). I am taking a look at a YouTube premiere today that apparently should have some "stealth wealth" watches but honestly I can not see it. Let me know your thoughts, I think they chose five but am not completely sure.. Let me know what you think and say hi, if you see me in chat!

If I were to guess I am thinking that most of the watches will include an explorer, datejust, maybe a sub, and maybe some vintages being in thier picks but we will see!
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Everybody notices if you are wearing a ROLEX,everybody.They just don't know if it is real or fake.
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