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Aloha Duchess;

You should have nothing to worry about especially since the rewards will be worth the trouble. I have tested all sorts of installations with very few issues. Even keeping in mind that Murphy was an optimist, remember that help is but a post away ( and in the worst case a phone call - I have already walked two members through hard issues over the phone). In any case make sure you do a backup of your important stuff before beginning the upgrade. The first thing the upgrade will do is to inform you of any potential issues with software you have on your system currently, and lest you keep installing or stop and follow the advice it gives you - so no surprises ! If there is a software problem (I've only seen 3 programs trigger the warning in about 74 installations) the worst case is you may have to re-install the software.

Paying someone would be a huge waste of mula (you could have spent on a watch) and again remember you wont be alone !

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