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Hi friends

I don’t know what happened to me, I have become an addict… even when I can’t afford new watch, I buy a new strap !

But I like this one 😊
Sailcloth strap for my Planet Ocean… I like it so much.. so I ordered another one with blue stitch.. can’t wait !
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Hi Mockbel, well honestly is sounds like you have become a very
sensible person. Or Watch Freek to tell the truth. :D

I mean look at the common sense you are are implementing with
this here ! :cool:;) As you said, you could have just as easily added
a brand new watch into the mix. But instead, you looked into a
terrific strap to supercharge your Planet Ocean. And truthfully it
was a great decision you made. Now you have a nice new strap
that looks like it could have come in the box from Omega. And
the strap matches up perfect, or could be added to another
watch as well.

It’s one of those win win situations imho. :):) It was a fantastic
idea, as well as choice you made. ...On top of that, you have yet
another on the way too ! ..That’s double the fun, as well as worthy
of a double dueling congratulations !!!
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