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When is a watch vintage, classic, retro, or antique?

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What a cool article True ! 😎(y) I think we maybe don’t think about
these terms or how we might use them. And I know vintage to me
just means whatever it is, it’s been around for a while and is a little
older. And perhaps even funkier than watches made in the last couple
or few decades. 😀 While antique watches are just older vintage
watches. With both categories having classics within them.

Come to think of it, even a retro, or modern watch can be classic
if it either has an already classic feel. Or is creating a totally new
or modern classic style. 😉

It’s terrific to see an article about all of it that’s for sure sir. I can’t
thank you enough for both finding as well as posting it up for us !!!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts