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What watches are on your personal shopping list?

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I thought we could post our shopping list, meaning those watches we might buy at some time in the near future (not grails). That way if another one of us has one that we are willing to part with we can contact each other and maybe work out a deal.

I'll start. :)

1) Citizen SkyHawk A-T
2) Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive (other 45mm or larger Seiko's as well)
3) NFW Autopilot Automatic or Viperfish Automatic
4) Tissot T-Touch Automatic Titanium
5) Accutron VX200
6) Croton Tungsten Auto
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SO Cuvette in 3 colors, SO Winchester in silvertone, SO Tuskegee Flier in white, Orient Executive with a Black face, Movado Safiro, NFW AutoPilot, and a Croton Ermex in black.
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+1, I just added the Swiss Legend Glamorous Black Onyx to my list.
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