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What watches are on your personal shopping list?

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I thought we could post our shopping list, meaning those watches we might buy at some time in the near future (not grails). That way if another one of us has one that we are willing to part with we can contact each other and maybe work out a deal.

I'll start. :)

1) Citizen SkyHawk A-T
2) Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive (other 45mm or larger Seiko's as well)
3) NFW Autopilot Automatic or Viperfish Automatic
4) Tissot T-Touch Automatic Titanium
5) Accutron VX200
6) Croton Tungsten Auto
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James nice list you have there....

My list is as follows:

Panerai 297 or 299....Maybe another watch in the middle of the year. Next after that either another breitling or corum maybe the oris PD not too sure as of yet.
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UKWolfeman wrote:
Saw this watch at the PA GGT while at the mall. This is a killer watch......

toecutter wrote:
Here's a picture of the Hamilton - Khaki X-Copter. If I ever come across a deal on this, woof.

V7750 and all kinds of buzzers and bells.
I have to agree with you Mike...that watch is awesome...My wife loves that watch and actually brought it to my attention...Now thats never brags about watches to me because she knows what will happen..:lol:b
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Next up for me PAM-297....


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TVDinner wrote:
Jackprime1 wrote:
Next up for me PAM-297....

You know I like that one Jack, especially on the sick bracelet like the picture above. Very nice.
Yeah I agree with you..I fell in love with this watch at the paggt. Judds watch..and that was it for me. Forgot all about the Omega PO
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