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Summary - On the first and third Sunday of each month Invicta has a MASSIVE and limited dealon one of their watches. This is emailed out only to people on the mailing list. You never know which watch will be available and there are only a very limited amount.

You sign up and then will receive a notification email on eachweekend of the Run. At exactly 12:00am EST on Sunday morningthe available watch is completely revealed and the crazed buying begins. If you are interested in the Sunday Run watch you have to buy fast and early.

You can learn more at

The Sunday Run occurs every first and third Sunday each month
from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.
What is The Sunday Run?

The first & third Sunday of every month at precisely 12am Eastern Standard Time, we receive a shipment from our overseas workshops. Like clockwork the crates containing our timepieces are loaded into our big yellow truck. And, like clockwork on the only road out of the docks, our truck hits the same meteorite sized pothole & we lose a crate. Bad for us. Good for you. As soon as that crate hits the street so do the prices of the watches.

It will take us exactly 24 hours to discover that "Big Yellow" completed its run minus the some of our very special cargo. 24 hours is precisely how long subscribers to our newsletter "The Movement" will have to get their hands on these brand new beauties at their "running" price. But when Midnight strikes, the Invicta Recovery Team swoops in to claim the remaining, notoriously missing cargo & just like a dream, the watches vanish. And trust us, you don't want to mess with the dudes who drive "Big Yellow", we saw it happen, once...
Best thing about the Sunday run is how casual and fun they make everything. Learn more at

If you are an Invicta fan then signing up for this is a MUST.
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