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what features do you look for in a watch that help you decide on a new purchase.

i like dive watches, pilot watches, and i like bigger watches....doesnt always have to be 50mm plus, but i do prefer 45mm and up

i really prefer sapphire crystal.

at least 200meters water resistant, but it is not a deal breaker if its only 100m

screw down crown.......

solid bracelet , with solid end links.......and a clasp with micro adjustments, i really dont like bracelets with the dual deployant

if its leather or rubber, it has to be thick and good quality.

good design and style. lets face it , we all like watches for different reasons, but the design of the watch is very important to me. i like classic styles, but i also like the newer designs as well.

movement doesnt really affect me. yes i like if i can get an eta auto or a valjoux 7750, but i am not against quartz at all, actually i like it most of the time, because i do not have to reset the time or keep them on a winder.

a cheaper movt doesnt bother me really either, but only if the watch is pretty expensive for what movt is inside.

and lume. i really am a lume freek, and seikos have spoiled me. a watch with no lume at all is a deal breaker for me.

i also really need the date. i have seen some really great high end pieces out there, that have everything else, but no date. i really do use my watch for the time and date all the time, so its a feature that is almost always a deal breaker for me , if it does not have it.

origin does not matter to me all that much either. i want a quality product, whether its all swiss made or swiss movt, or none of the above doesnt matter........take georges nfw viperfish diver for instance..........

i think that wraps it up for me...........what do you look for in a watch that helps you purchase?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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