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what features do you look for in a watch that help you decide on a new purchase.

i like dive watches, pilot watches, and i like bigger watches....doesnt always have to be 50mm plus, but i do prefer 45mm and up

i really prefer sapphire crystal.

at least 200meters water resistant, but it is not a deal breaker if its only 100m

screw down crown.......

solid bracelet , with solid end links.......and a clasp with micro adjustments, i really dont like bracelets with the dual deployant

if its leather or rubber, it has to be thick and good quality.

good design and style. lets face it , we all like watches for different reasons, but the design of the watch is very important to me. i like classic styles, but i also like the newer designs as well.

movement doesnt really affect me. yes i like if i can get an eta auto or a valjoux 7750, but i am not against quartz at all, actually i like it most of the time, because i do not have to reset the time or keep them on a winder.

a cheaper movt doesnt bother me really either, but only if the watch is pretty expensive for what movt is inside.

and lume. i really am a lume freek, and seikos have spoiled me. a watch with no lume at all is a deal breaker for me.

i also really need the date. i have seen some really great high end pieces out there, that have everything else, but no date. i really do use my watch for the time and date all the time, so its a feature that is almost always a deal breaker for me , if it does not have it.

origin does not matter to me all that much either. i want a quality product, whether its all swiss made or swiss movt, or none of the above doesnt matter........take georges nfw viperfish diver for instance..........

i think that wraps it up for me...........what do you look for in a watch that helps you purchase?
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Diver style or something with a chrono. I prefer a piece 46mm and up with a strap/ bracelet with a minimum width of 24mm. Solid end links. I also like an industrial look to the dial, maybe even a little busy. I like a thick case, thick bracelet/ strap, and plenty of heft. Quality lume is preferred, but not necessarily a deal breaker as long as the other features are present.
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Stainless Steel or all metal is normally something that attracts me more then leather or rubber.
No gold or rosetone ever for me. Just not my style
I like 45mm and up in size, but normally no larger then 55mm. I prefer a heavier watch, which normally equates to a larger size watch. Lum is cool and desired, but not mandatory.
I hate to say this, but the movement means very little to me. I have to like the way the watch looks first and foremost.
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For me, I have a small wrist (7"), and I can wear a 40mm pretty easy and it doesn't look that small on, unless I've been wearing a 50mm+ for a week or so. But the more I buy and sell watches the more I want quality. I always try and get something with a sapphire crystal, I do like the FF crystal Invicta has but more partial to sapphire. I am an auto freak so if I can, I try and buy auto's vs. quartz, even though I have a ton of quartz as well, I guess I'm sittin' about 50/50 on auto's to quartz. I am more partial to brushed than polished when it comes to bracelets but I have so many variations that you wouldn't guess I was. Not a fan of leather straps but I do like rubber as long as its nice and supple. My ideal watch has a sapphire crystal, all brushed stainless steel case and bracelet, 42-45mm, coined bezel in any color really, divers fliplock clasp and has a Swiss automatic movement in GMT complication. That about sums it up for me.

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It has too be bigger then 48mm, it has to have a big dial opening, it has to be a clean dial, and IT HAS TO BE A BOLD TIME PIECE. I dont do subtle, I dont do color, I dont do busy and I dont do leather straps.

if it falls in this catagory, then I am interested.
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WOW Don that's pretty specific and very good - i agree on all with exception of the crystal -for me the crystal is not a deal breaker unless its a pricey piece and doesnt have the saffire.

i would say ditto

just want to add - i love day/date which is rare so if that's on a watch and its a diver -it will compel me to be inclined towards it (i have 2 seiko auto's with this)
and also lume is a must as well!!

- i would also say dial texture is a plus and dial colors are a plus as well

size - sweet spot for me 46-48MM

will wear 40-44 and +48MM dependent on look/feel etc
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Well being a new watch wearer (collector) overall look of the watch with features such as:

42mm to 52mm case(tend to like around 50mm the best)

Sapphire Crystal (jury still out on Flame Fusion)

Screw Down Crown (is a plus)

Water Resistance (200m is a good place to start but not always necessary)

Comfort (tend to like the comfort of rubber and leather more than bracelet)

Reputation of the company

Movement doesn't have to be Swiss as long as the watch has an overall appeal.
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Now that my tastes have evolved, these are the parameters I base a purchase decision on...

1)Overall quality & Brand reputation

2)Automatic movement, preferably Swiss

3)Attractiveness, wrist appeal

4)Sapphire Crystal

5)Value retention
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I'm partial to the classic vintage clean design.
Not into over the top trendy or fashion statements.
Leather or steel bands are fine.
Chronograph (auto or mechanical only)
Day or date or no date is fine too.
Will shy away from non rated water resistance pieces.

I can spend hours in flea markets looking for quality vintage pieces.
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Dive watches, mainly 3 hand and must be mechanical! I've got back to the smaller pieces and will wear a 40mm but it is a rolex TT16613 submariner! and my comfort zone is 42mm-46mm and thickness really matter, my JSAR looks like a 50mm watch on the wrist and in reality its 46mm. My collection has went from over 100 watches to down around 20. I'm at the stage in my live that i would rather have quality over quantity(hey you can only wear one watch at a time)and like them to hold their value because i've been know to do a little flipping!!:eek:
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Bullets, hay bailing wire, fold out knife, compass, GPS, egg beater, telescope, limited edition(no more 250,000 pieces) and 73 subdials......or I ain't buying it!!!!
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