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What do you think about everything?

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Anyone, ever think about this kind of thing over the last few years?

Don't you think technology could, or should be better than it is?
That things in life in general could or should be better?

I mean yes, people have their phones, as well as computerized cars,
along with basically everything else in life. However, isn't that all of
just on the surface? ..Or surface stuff?

All of it, is basically just like a new coat of paint on the same house,
or walls of a house right?!

Where are the cures for sickness, along with diseases that we all
genuinely needed many decades ago? And how come all aspects of
life haven't been made better? ..Why is it just the newest phone?
Or type of car? TV? Or technological thingamabob the only things
that seem to matter? When real life, along with real people should
be the focus.

And you know, to tell the truth, maybe it's because I have watched
too many sci-fi movies, along with shows over the years. But all of
the new technology, although cool to see and find out about. Does
not seem that great to me.馃槃 Because the phones are way way too
overpriced and seemingly all the same. While the new cars are like
Tyco Turbo Hoppers/remote controlled battery operated cars from
the 80's. That honestly should have way better technology than
being a big cell phone on wheels. And having everything in life
computerized is nice, not to mention helpful. BUT what if all of
those things stop working all of a sudden?

Suddenly we are all in the stone ages, and no one knows how to do
anything but download new apps and be good at video games and
making videos or posting on a social media. ..But the power is off
and you can't do any of it, so what then? 馃槷

Honestly, people seem to have known so much more years ago.
More about real life and how to do real things. Rather than basically
all of these technologically cool surface things which are almost
fake in a lot of ways. 馃槃

I mean are we just creating our own Matrix to be in?

Shouldn't or couldn't technology be better? And shouldn't everything
honestly be better than it is? People? And everything?

From people, as well as real relationships, family, friends, all of it.

What do you think about everything? 馃槈
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Tom, you've waded out into the deep. "Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent." I'm not wise or inteligent, but I am interrested.
Well, technology has made leaps and bounds.. only it has been compressed into a period of history that you have been living through. Most people, when they reach a certain age, will say "it can't be better than this" and also "anything beyond this is useless".. Well, yes, and no. I can best illustrate this in terms of automobiles. The average European car from the mid to late 1990s was incredibly reliable and was still able to be worked on by a "shade tree mechanic". Today, not so much. For cars even from the mid 2000s you need to plug it in to a diagnostic computer to tell you what is wrong, but even then the computer can't tell you what is wrong in many cases (like with my Audi A6 from 2005).

At the same time, the technology to improve fuel consumption and the reduce polution has made incredible advancements, for diesel look at particle filters and AdBlue, which makes a modern diesel car more or somewhat environmentally friendly. That is a incredible advance in technology.

Petrol cars are now more efficient than ever before, small displacement with reliable turbos that consume a lot less than a 20 year old 2 litre (like my Seat Ibiza Cupra from 1997).

Also look at active 4 wheel drive systems and traction control. Many lives have been saved by these technologies, and people don't even think twice about them.

The cures have changed, gone are the "one magic pill for everyone" over to "tailored medical solutions for each individual".

There are some problems in society, mainly at this point fewer fat cats eating all of the pies, but this is how systems work, the come to a peak and need an adjustment or reset. It happened slower in the past, but as technology and communications speeds have increased, so have the speed of these cycles.

Don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you are getting older? Like a 59 year old friend once told me 25 years ago when I was still young: he had no idea what I was talking about in terms of marketing, and he was an expert in marketing in the 1970s and 1980s... Well, today I can't give a rat's arse about TikTok or Blockchain, but people are making their livings from it. Technology changes, the world marches on, the next generations rise...

In terms of phones, well, it depends on what you want? I buy Sony phones and put another OS on it. I buy Windows PCs and put Linux on them. They last longer that way?

In terms of cars, I buy older used cars, but pick the ones that last the longest (hence a diesel Audi).

This also reminds me of the saying "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". I too gaze upon the youth of today with puzzlement. But, if and when the electricity runs out, books will be popular again. Sort of like during Covid, people stuck at home, everyone wanted to learn something, from making bread at home to playing guitar..

The wisdom of people in the past may have been better, but their knowledge, maybe not so much. We have the whole world at our fingertips in a super-computer that fits in our pocket. Access to how to do anything and everything. It just depends what interests you. No one has ever been able to do that in the past. It truly is exciting times.

At the same time, I don't think the percentage of people who know how to do something is any less than in the past, it's just that they all have an iPhone and can broadcast their ignorance on Social Media, so it's simply more visible. in other words, it's always been there, only now has it come more visibly to the surface ?

As someone who is more or less socially inept, prefering to watch than participate, all I can say is that people are people. Everyone's different and part of being a human is learning how to live with all the other apes and their idiosyncrasies. If you think they aren't perfect, then likely someone thinks the same of you.. It's just perspective. Or, as the saying goes, if you are in a group of friends and are unable to indentify who the arsehole is, it's likely you....

Maybe some things have changed, but with instant information available, we get the good and the bad. And the bad burns a lot more brightly than the good.

At the same time, yes, today's youth are idiots, doomed to repeat the same mistakes we made, as we did in our youth in regard to our parents' mistakes. Because that's what humans do.

Thankfully, there are some people who go above and beyond that making the world a better place. It's just now it seems, from a Western standpoint, that the bastards are winning in the world. This too shall change.
It鈥檚 surprising that you鈥檙e socially inept. You鈥檙e a great communicator. We have different world views, but when I disagree with you, I always appreciate the way you express yourself. That wasn鈥檛 my take away, just a surprising one. Thank you for the thoughtful reply.
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Thank you for your kind words. Well, let's just say I do not like crowds of people and I am incapable of making small talk. I tend to be the person at the party who sits in the corner with a drink not talking to anyone, or spending the whole evening talking to only one person about subject we have both studied.
It generally takes drinks for me to be sociable, but I quit drinking.
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