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What do you think about everything?

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Anyone, ever think about this kind of thing over the last few years?

Don't you think technology could, or should be better than it is?
That things in life in general could or should be better?

I mean yes, people have their phones, as well as computerized cars,
along with basically everything else in life. However, isn't that all of
just on the surface? ..Or surface stuff?

All of it, is basically just like a new coat of paint on the same house,
or walls of a house right?!

Where are the cures for sickness, along with diseases that we all
genuinely needed many decades ago? And how come all aspects of
life haven't been made better? ..Why is it just the newest phone?
Or type of car? TV? Or technological thingamabob the only things
that seem to matter? When real life, along with real people should
be the focus.

And you know, to tell the truth, maybe it's because I have watched
too many sci-fi movies, along with shows over the years. But all of
the new technology, although cool to see and find out about. Does
not seem that great to me.😄 Because the phones are way way too
overpriced and seemingly all the same. While the new cars are like
Tyco Turbo Hoppers/remote controlled battery operated cars from
the 80's. That honestly should have way better technology than
being a big cell phone on wheels. And having everything in life
computerized is nice, not to mention helpful. BUT what if all of
those things stop working all of a sudden?

Suddenly we are all in the stone ages, and no one knows how to do
anything but download new apps and be good at video games and
making videos or posting on a social media. ..But the power is off
and you can't do any of it, so what then? 😮

Honestly, people seem to have known so much more years ago.
More about real life and how to do real things. Rather than basically
all of these technologically cool surface things which are almost
fake in a lot of ways. 😄

I mean are we just creating our own Matrix to be in?

Shouldn't or couldn't technology be better? And shouldn't everything
honestly be better than it is? People? And everything?

From people, as well as real relationships, family, friends, all of it.

What do you think about everything? 😉
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It's everyday waiting till i have it all myself.Just one is solving it all.Technology is only working with aiming and the illness is like a hook moving as a sprocket.People will only move to something when it fits in their lives.When there is something missing they always starts to hate.The watch is only liked because of the need for an appointment for a sollution.
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