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(Kickstarter watch creator here)

Kickstarter is a great platform for new watch companies to gather initial seed funding upfront to create their collection. It seems like most of you guys around here know that. The problem lies with the uneducated watch seekers who think automatic movements are magical and deserve a $300+ price tag. With no information on the movement itself or any of the backers having any idea what they're buying they often use sayings like "it doesn't need batteries, just you!".

It leaves the Quartz watches in the dark despite offering Anti-Reflective sapphire glass and 316L Stainless steel for 70% of the price, the automatic watches are still more appealing to the non educated watch buyer and often raise a tremendous amount of funding upfront.

We just launched a project on Kickstarter but we've been getting buried due to the success of a particular automatic watch cleaning up with Kickstarter market. They do offer a beautiful timepiece, i just feel that it's far overpriced for the specs provided.

Automatic does not mean expensive Kickstarter!

What do you guys think about the watch market on Kickstarter? Specifically to those who may be purchasing their first automatic timepiece on the website.

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