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Easy one. I'd like to design for Marathon of Canada.

TV Dinner:
Have you seen the You Tube comparison of the 8926
and Citizen's Solar Atomic?

8926 Synched with Citizen at noon on Sun. At noon
on Mon 8926 +2 secs. Tues +2 1/2 secs. And 7 days later
8926 was +7 secs ahead. Not too bad fer a Victer IMO.

I have 2 pieces using the NH55/4R36 (same engine)
Both lose between 4 & 6 secs per week. Not to shabby
using 100+ year old technology. I'm not shouting Victer's
praises to the rooftops but for less than a hunnert dollars?
I've watches who were much less maligned for more bucks
that did no better, some even worse!!!

Lou Snutt
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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