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Features: [*]Voice announces time and temperature [*]Single button activation for voice announcement [*]Illuminated hands let you tell time in dark environments [*]Optional hourly time announcement [*] Alarm with choice of alerts: beep or cuckoo This Talking & Temperature

Quartz Watch will announce the time and the current temperature in a pleasant female voice with a touch of a button. Single button activation announces both the time and the temperature. The sturdy band and with gold-tone accents will provide years of use. For dimly lit environments such as theaters where voice announcements may not be welcomed, illuminated hands let you read the time. Watch can be set to announce time hourly, if desired. Also comes with an alarm with your choice of alerts: beep or cuckoo. It’s a very handsome watch; perfect for any man with poor vision. Also telss the temperature (must be removed from wrist for accurate reading.)-------

FOR $9 it is affordable and .... IT TALKS TO YOU!
I wonder how big it is? Looks like it might be a very small case size and bracelet.
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