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What are your goals for 2010?

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My goals for 2010 are:

1) Start hitting the gym at least 3 days a week

2) Only buy 2 watches after I've sold 10 (Yeah right)

3) Get closer to my wife. We have been too busy this year with work and graduate school.

4) Finish my backyard

5) Spend more time with my kids (Turn the pager and cell phone off more)

6) Eat better

7) Think more positive

8) Write more tickets (This was inspired by my boss LOL!)

9) Not have so many goals for 2010 Ha Ha LOL!!!
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Live through this ecenomic toilet bowl we live in!
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My goal is simple.

Make it to 2011!

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Wow this is hard

1) Reduce stress both at work and at home. How? I have no idea? Boy, does that stress me out.
2) Eat better. Not more, just better.
3) Be a better person. Follow my own rules and try to be fair, honest and compassionate at all times.
4) Save for our golden years. Ha Ha Ha. We still have two kids in college and I have this costly habit that rears its ugly head every other day. I'll be living in my car and eating cat food when I retire.
5) Move my watch collection to the next level. Buy less but more quality.

Lets stop here and keep the list short and sweet. I also hope to be here in 2011 wearing my new Accutron VX200. :%:%:%:%
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I wish my goal for 2010 could be the following:

1) Eat whatever the hell I want. Whenever the hell I want to. And as much as I want without any limits.
2) Never go to the gym again. Never get up at 5:30am again to go to the gym to watch pretentious rich snots talk to each other and pretend to work out while I kill myself to barely stay in shape at all costs.
3) Spend as much money as I want, whenever I want to and on whatever I want to spend it on.
4) Not stress at all about the economy and how it is effecting our companies, general business, employees, etc etc etc.
5) Buy every single watch on my wish list and any other one that I did not previously know about but see and then really want.

Now if you completely reverse everything above your will find my real goals....
1) I freeking love food and have to control that. I have an overweight person inside of me CONSTANTLY fighting to get out and beat me down.
2) I go to the gym 2-3 days a week now, but that NEEDS to be 3-5 days a week. No excuses or lame reasons to not go.
3) With 2 kids now, I have to budget better and make sure the essentials are comfortably covered before I buy anything else (see #5 below for further confirmation). I have to make sure we can cover 2 kids in daycare, which is extremely scary if you knew how much that is EACH WEEK....
4) Stress less about the economy and just work even harder then I have already been doing, even if that does not seem possible. Work harder and smarter. No surrender ... ever.
5) Only buy watches when I can afford it. That simple. Don't buy, no matter how good "the deal" is if I can not justify spending the money.
6) Continue to work hard on this site and help it keep growing in 2010.
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2010 Be a good watch freek but not buy as many watches as I have this year.
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. . . Live one day at a time.

. . . Live that day like it matters.

. . . Be good to others .

Since I should have been gone this time last year, I'm going to learn to be happy with less . . .

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Aside from the obvious (be a better person, father, better, work out more, etc.). The thing I will concentrate most on is getting the business rolling and hopefully be profitable by the 3rd quarter.

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Single goal that should make everything else possible . . .

Treat my cancer more aggressively AND survive the treatment.

Everything else is "gravy". :wf
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Someone else recently asked me this question too & I'll tell you what I told him, no offense intended ~ This sounds an awfully lot like a New Years resolution which I put in the same category as Valentines Day, I think it's ridiculous to choose one day a year to say & do things one should be doing all year long so, I don't "do" either one...Having said that, it's just my opinion and I know many, many people participate in both, it's just not my scene at all.
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For 2010, I'm doing some more performance mods to my car to get my lap times down, especially at RA.I'm also adding a new tcs module to my Ducati to get better exit speeds.other then that, nothing special.
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Move out of my parent's house and get into BLET and hopefully get a job.
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1) Survive the current abysmal economic climate

2) Be a better husband

3) Sell my watch collection to get my Breitling and then buy all new watches with better quality than what i had

4) Get my son thru his tough times

5) Be the best salesman I can be
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1.Im done with all my travels around the united states and am ready to go home.
2. Work in my art work more.
3. Love like Ive never been hurt
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Mine is to quit smoking plain and simple. that is going to be a hard one for sure.
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