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What are you watching?

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Guys, thought maybe this could be fun, and like Frans's"
What are you listening to?" 🙂😉

Maybe it's a brand new series, or classic TV show you have
been watching for the first time. Or have even gotten into once
again. Maybe it's even a new, or older movie you just watched,
and enjoyed. (y)(y) Or didn't enjoy. 😄

So what have you been watching?

Or did you just watch?

Don't know what I would do without Impractical Jokers ! 🙂

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Very cool treelife ! 😎😉

For some reason I watched to first few seasons of that years back,
and then just stopped watching it. 😲

Evidently I have a lot of catching up to do it sounds like. 😊
Just started watching the show The Old Man on FX. 😀

Have watched the first two episodes, and have to give it (y)(y)
so far honestly. 🙂

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Star Trek - Strange New Worlds is great, it has the feel of the original and takes place before the original in the timeline...

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I’ve seen the commercials for that Steve. ;):) It does look
like it has a very similar feel the original classic that’s for sure ! :cool:

Really appreciate the insight on it !!!
I love this guy! :ROFLMAO:

:LOL: You can tell he is a really cool, as well as funny guy there
in seconds Steve. 😉(y) AND he can really play the drums too !🥁

Thanks a bunch for putting this up for us !!!
Drunk girls are the best! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

:LOL: That video is THE best in general Steve !:)(y)

Thank you so much for finding it, as well as posting it up !!!
Started on yellowstone. Not bad after 3 episodes but also dont see how so many are addicted
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😉 I’ve heard a lot of good things about that show Conklin.
Maybe I should give it a watch, and see what it’s all about. 🙂

Thanks a ton for the report !!!
I replaced a Chromecast dongle last week and ended up with 3 free months of Apple+. Started watching a show called Severance and couldn't stop until I ran out of episodes. Damn that's an entertaining story. Ben Stiller directed it but he's not in it. I'll probably have to subscribe so I can see season 2 LOL
😄(y) Well at least you found something good to watch Clay.
So many times I find that streaming shows end up disappointing.
But this sounds really intriguing sir. Plus I was wondering what
Ben Stiller had been up to lately. 😉

Can’t thank you enough for the insight, as well as heads up
about this !!!
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I'd say The Office but instead I'll be watching the road all day working
That’s a modern day classic TheSuccessPlu, no doubt. (y)

Yes, but keep those eye on the road, and stay safe. 🙂😉
Oh wow, cool pirbid, and it looks like the original too ! 😀(y)

I remember watching that years ago in school, and thinking it
was pretty wild. 😎 Thanks so much for letting us know what
you are watching !!!

You are making me want to check it out again, and maybe
even the new one too. 🙂
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Three Pines on Amazon Prime.
Goodbye, 2022!
Gary, I don’t think I have checked out Three Pines. 😀
It sounds interesting just from the title. 😉

And Steve, thank you for starting off the year with a
laugh sir. 😁 It’s much appreciated ! (y)

Thank you to you both !!!
We've been catching the Rookie and Blue Bloods. NCIS. Would be watching Criminal Minds it's different this season, watch a couple episodes and hung it up. The Blacklist came back well. I didn't expect much from the last season but it suprised me.
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