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Guys, thought maybe this could be fun, and like Frans's"
What are you listening to?" 馃檪馃槈

Maybe it's a brand new series, or classic TV show you have
been watching for the first time. Or have even gotten into once
again. Maybe it's even a new, or older movie you just watched,
and enjoyed. (y)(y) Or didn't enjoy. 馃槃

So what have you been watching?

Or did you just watch?

Don't know what I would do without Impractical Jokers ! 馃檪


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You know Frans, it鈥檚 so funny honestly, we really seem to be on
the same wave length. Or at least in the same boat shows wise,
and everything. (y) Even though there seems to be so much to
watch, it鈥檚 hard finding something right?!

I think I probably watch some of those same documentaries also.
Maybe on channels like Discovery, or History. Oh, and also used
to watch The Big Bang Theory. ..But still need to catch the new
Jumanji. 馃檪

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Wife and I rewatching the Grimm series. When daughter is here, we watch Miazaki-ish Animes and natures shows. :)
Glory to Glorzo...

That's from my fav Rick and Morty episode where they Destroy Glorzo City which is hilarious!

Personally I go for old shows on DVD:

'Allo 'Allo
Yes, Minister / Yes, Prime Minister
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (the BBC production with Sir Alec Guinness)
Smiley's People (Conclusion to Tinker, Tailor, also with Guinness)

Derm, Grimm is the show that was on NBC a few years back right? (y)
Haven't seen Miazaki-ish, but always enjoyed all of the Dragon Balls ! 馃槑

Steve, wow, can't get enough of Rick & Morty ! 馃槃 I swear every episode
is crazy good to be honest. ..Hey, are you aware of Solar Opposites? 馃懡

FB, have never seen any of those shows, except for M*A*S*H. 馃槉 Yowza,
and Sir. Alec Guinness was Obi-Wan Kenobi ! 馃槷 What a list here Hector !

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After your post, I just went and watched a trailer Solar Opposites, It looks like it could be good but prob ain't on the level of R&M... lol
I was introduced to the series "Community" by my wife.
Have to say its pretty darn good (at least thru Season 4 so far anyway).
Definitely does look funny though Steve. If it鈥檚 half as funny
as Rick & Morty, than that would be pretty great. 馃槃

That鈥檚 a funny show too Worker ! (y) It had a really interesting,
and real feel. ..Kind of like Parks and Recreation.

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With no live sport and numerous re-runs, I recently watched Money Heist with the wife and rather enjoyed it
It鈥檚 pretty tough without having any sports to enjoy, and keep up with.
You are so right Steve ! Never have seen Money Heist to tell the truth.
But will definitely put it on the list of shows to catch, and get into sir. (y)

Very cool !

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Yes. Can now find Grimm on Prime. TCM put a number of the Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli Animes on around 2006 and I was hooked.
Open all hours
The Red Dwarf
The Young Ones
Are you being served?
Dad's Army

M*A*S*H is among the best ever produced, I have the huge 'Martinis and Medicine Collection' DVD box which back then unbeknownst to me also contains the M*A*S*H movie that I therefore purchased separately. So now I have two of them :) The shows I listed are all crackers, never equalled i.m.o.
Derm, I think what's nice about those shows is that they probably
have some really good, or great stories. (y)(y) Thinking the mix
of intriguing story lines, as well as characters is what makes the
shows so much fun for you. They sound awesome, and have not
actually seen the shows, but you make me want to check them
out now. 馃榾

Frans, what's great about M*A*S*H, and I bet all of those shows
you listed though is the amount of thought, and work that went
into them. I don't know if you notice this with of a lot of today's
shows, or not. But it feels like although the quality is good, they
don't put as much effort into the stories, and shows in general. 馃檨

A lot of times not much happens in a modern show. Then within
the last five minutes, something happens in order to get you to
watch the next episode. 馃槃

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Also great shows!

I would also add Endeavour.
Never seen this one FB, so just looked it up. (y) Sounds, or looks like
it's right up my alley, and evidently is still going too. It's even on Prime it
looks like so should be able to check it out I think ! 馃槷

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Has anyone by chance heard of Hanna on Amazon's Prime

Watched the first season a while back, and thought it was terrific,
and now the second season was released, and it was fantastic
too !! (y)(y)

The only thing is there are just eight episodes in a season. So it
goes by way too fast. Am already ready for season 3 ! 馃槃

This show actually retells the story from the movie Hanna, but
then really expands beyond that story. If you like James Bond,
La femme Nikita, or just enjoy spy movies, shows, or intriguing
stories in general. You might really enjoy this show. 馃槑

A preview of Saeson 1, and also Season 2 for you...


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Have been checking out Netflix on a free trial for a little less
than a month, and been in pure 80鈥檚 mode. 馃榾 Checking out
both Cobra Kai, and the new Voltron 馃悕

Anyone have any other recommendations? 馃檪 There seems
to be so much it鈥檚 difficult figuring out what to watch next.

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This is a mashup I made of the Futurama "Muck Leech"!
It makes me laugh my ass off every time I watch it!!!

Oh no I killed it... OWWWW! LOL
Been watching Flack on Amazon Prime this week
Holy cow, you actually made that Steve? 馃槷That is really something,
and really funny too like you said. 馃槃I catch episodes of Futurama on
SyFy all the time to tell the truth !

Gary, haven't checked out Flack as of yet, but will add it to the list of
cool things to watch. 馃槈It's actually unbelievable how many great
shows there are. It's just a matter of finding out what's out there, and
what the shows are about. 馃檪

Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys !!!

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Woohoo, it's going to be a busy spring checking all of these out ! 馃く
Thanks a bunch !!! o_O

Steve, have heard a lot about that cut of Justice League, but haven't
seen it yet, but do watch Battlebots ! :D And Gary, I haven't seen the
Sinner, Titans, or Doom Patrol, so thanks for that as well !!! ;)(y)
Geno, like Gary, I've seen the Snowpiercer movie, but not series as
of yet, so thanks for that too sir !!! :eek:馃槂

Maybe I should check out the Formula One while I am it too ! :cool: 馃

On this end, have been watching a show on SyFy called Resident Alien
which is very funny. :alien: Along with a show on Netflix called The Crew
with Kevin James. Which has to do with racing.馃殫馃殨Also have been
watching the N.J. Devils, and spring season Mets, and then the old
MacGyver. 馃榿

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Ooh wow, neat Steve !!! 馃樀o_O:D

Actually don't know why they just didn't make the Snyder Cut
the actual cut that was in the movies. (y)(y) ..It just makes
sense right?! And would have been much better than what the
theatrical release was imho.

Thank you once again sir !!!

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I can't stand most modern shows, the plots are paper-thin and involve little (if any) actual acting, plus most are pushing some sort of agenda these days, much worse than in the past. People simply want to be entertained, not preached to.

Last decent show I saw come out of the states was CSI (the original Las Vegas), that was fantastic.

I will qualify that by saying I have never, ever seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or anything that is "popular culture". I watched one episode of Westworld Season 1, it was horrible.
You know Hector, I feel the same way. (y)(y) You want to escape when
watching a show, or movie, but instead they immerse you into everything
that is going on today in the world. They definitely seem to like to do that,
and it kind of shows also, that they don't have much imagination either. 馃檨
Plus, have you ever noticed besides the messages, that everything is
often very negative, or dark? ..I honestly think that is why we like watching
older shows like you are talking about. Because they were often fun, well
written, and most of all entertaining. 馃榾;)

By the way, I actually did watch Game of Thrones, but guess what?
I never ever watched the last episode because people said it was so
disappointing. So I ended up just leaving it on the DVR, where it still
remains to this day. 馃槉Honestly wanted to remember the show in at
least somewhat of a good light. And that's how it is with a lot of shows.
You may like something a lot, and then all of the sudden, the show goes
off the rails. It's upsetting at first, but luckily we have the option of just
not tuning in, or watching it again. And it allows you to find something
else out there in life to enjoy. So it all works out. 馃槈

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In May 2017, Snyder stepped down during post-production following the death of his daughter, and Joss Whedon was hired to finish the film.

I'm sorry to say Joss Whedon made a mess of the film.

The Snyder cut couldn't be shown in theaters in its current form due to it being 4 hours long! :eek:

Honestly didn't know all of that Steve. Wow.

Yeah, Joss Whedon did Firefly, and Buffy right?! And the Avengers.
You would have thought he would have done a fine job. But can you
imagine having to cut so much out of a movie? 馃く That really was
not fair to ask of him by the studio. 馃槮

Incredibly interesting stuff sir. Thank you for the report, as well as
the insight, and everything !!! (y)(y)

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Hey, well thanks a lot for the recommendation on "Pillars of the Earth" sir. ;) You have to wonder if they will make a big budget
show out of that at some point as well. 馃槃I haven't read the
book, or seen any movies made for it. But you can imagine it's
been at least talked about, or semi-planned by more than a few
people already.

It's funny Hector, in actuality you are a huge Game of Thrones
fan, and were probably planning on watching the show after you
finished those books right?! (y) But because both the stories,
and story writers of both the books, as well as the show let you,
or us down, you will probably never watch the show. It really
is sad right?! Because people like yourself were really into the
whole story. And just really looking forward to seeing how
everything would turn out. But I bet you like most, maybe had
an optimistic view. ..Or were hoping to see certain things happen
that might be good, instead of depressing, dark, or nonsensical
even. And then when you saw the books actually wouldn't be
finished, that was the last straw.

It sounds like the both of us were both disappointed sir. By two
sides of the same coin that was this show, or book. ..You didn't
watch the show because you were reading the books that won't
ever get finished. While I didn't read the book, and won't see the
end of the show because of the way it went down hill. At least
both the books, and show were consistent in that I guess. 馃榿

Thanks a lot for the video by the way ! ..I actually watched it to
see just how bad of a direction the final episode went in. And
yeah, I'm glad I didn't waste the hours watching it. Thank you
again !!!

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It was a great start, can't wait for number two! (y)
I have just watched King Tut in colour (previously recorded). The quest of Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon to find the burial chamber of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The original black and white films were digitised, restored and after that colourised on the computer. Astonishing! Apart from the news and the occasional movie, documentaries like these are about they only programs I watch.
Very nice Steve, it looks neat just from the previews, or trailers . 馃槑

Thanks a lot for the report !!! ..And Frans, that King Tut documentary
sounds just terrific honestly. 馃槷 I鈥檝e seen different specials over the
years, but that one sounds extra awesome ! ..Thanks a ton for the
report, as well as review !!!

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We were getting free Epix over the weekend, and watched
a movie called Love and Monsters. 鉂ゐ煢 Thought it was
very well done, and just was a fun movie. Plus the ending
was neat as well which made me like it even more. (y)(y)

Would recommend it. 馃檪

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The wife and I are watching the Avengers part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in timeline order. This has also included watching Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So we are currently on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3.
Oh cool Gary, you both are in for one wild ride !! 馃榾馃槑
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