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In fact, I watch very little any more. I record a lot with my PVR (cloud based since last year) but tend to erase a lot afterwards as well without having watched a single minute. The news is depressing and because of the current situation a lot of reruns. What I do watch are documentaries and the occasional film. The most recent was Jumanji: the next level. I was an avid Big Bang Theory watcher but the final couple of seasons were so-so.
Personally I go for old shows on DVD:

'Allo 'Allo
Yes, Minister / Yes, Prime Minister
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (the BBC production with Sir Alec Guinness)
Smiley's People (Conclusion to Tinker, Tailor, also with Guinness)

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Open all hours
The Red Dwarf
The Young Ones
Are you being served?
Dad's Army

M*A*S*H is among the best ever produced, I have the huge 'Martinis and Medicine Collection' DVD box which back then unbeknownst to me also contains the M*A*S*H movie that I therefore purchased separately. So now I have two of them :) The shows I listed are all crackers, never equalled i.m.o.
Also great shows!

I would also add Endeavour.

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Frans, what's great about M*A*S*H, and I bet all of those shows
you listed though is the amount of thought, and work that went
into them. I don't know if you notice this with of a lot of today's
shows, or not. But it feels like although the quality is good, they
don't put as much effort into the stories, and shows in general. 🙁

A lot of times not much happens in a modern show. Then within
the last five minutes, something happens in order to get you to
watch the next episode. 😄
I can't stand most modern shows, the plots are paper-thin and involve little (if any) actual acting, plus most are pushing some sort of agenda these days, much worse than in the past. People simply want to be entertained, not preached to.

Last decent show I saw come out of the states was CSI (the original Las Vegas), that was fantastic.

I will qualify that by saying I have never, ever seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or anything that is "popular culture". I watched one episode of Westworld Season 1, it was horrible.

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You know Hector, I feel the same way. (y)(y) You want to escape when
watching a show, or movie, but instead they immerse you into everything
that is going on today in the world. They definitely seem to like to do that,
and it kind of shows also, that they don't have much imagination either. 🙁
Plus, have you ever noticed besides the messages, that everything is
often very negative, or dark? ..I honestly think that is why we like watching
older shows like you are talking about. Because they were often fun, well
written, and most of all entertaining. 😀;)

By the way, I actually did watch Game of Thrones, but guess what?
I never ever watched the last episode because people said it was so
disappointing. So I ended up just leaving it on the DVR, where it still
remains to this day. 😊Honestly wanted to remember the show in at
least somewhat of a good light. And that's how it is with a lot of shows.
You may like something a lot, and then all of the sudden, the show goes
off the rails. It's upsetting at first, but luckily we have the option of just
not tuning in, or watching it again. And it allows you to find something
else out there in life to enjoy. So it all works out. 😉
I can relate to that. When things go pear-shaped, it's difficult to cringe-watch.

The only Game of Thrones episode I "watched" was actually Critical Drinker's review of the final episode:

It's sort of like the Game of Thrones books, the author has essentially said the last book / story will never be written. And this was when I was reading the 2nd book (ok, yes, I am 10 years behind the times..) so I decided not to continue buying the other books because, what's the point if there will be no conclusion? That, and the writing is not good imo. It smacks of some D&D player's long-winded fantasy piece (including all of the sexual content) and becomes a laborious slog at many times. And some people compare this to Tolkien? 😂

Frankly, if you want a Fantasy / Adventure book, read (don't watch) Follet's "Pillars of the Earth". That's quite good.
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