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WF Cave Dweller final payment

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The Limited Edition WatchFreeks Cave Dweller is almost complete therefore you can now make your final payment for the watch at your leisure. The remaining balance is $350 + shipping and insurance. Shipping in the US will be made via UPS or USPS. International shipping is via FedEx, with the only exception being to Canada, where I will ship through the PO if requested. The cost will be added to your order based on your country.

Payment can be made with a credit card (preferred) or through PayPal. To make you payment visit my store and purchase the WF CD. Same process as before. When you get to the checkout screen there are 2 methods of payment, (1) credit card ( and (2) "Other source". Option #1 will take you to a secure website where you can pay with a card. Use option #2 to pay via PayPal. When you finish with #2, send your order total via PP to [email protected].

9/1-9/15 - Expected completion of the watch.
Shipment from factory will be within a few business days of completion
I will receive them in the US usually within a week of delivery
I will start to ship the watches as soon as I get them. I check them out and ship them in the order of the final payment. This is just an easy and systematic way for me to do it, especially when processing a large batch.
I usually get through about a dozen watches per day, more on the weekend, so the shipping of your watch will depend on when you pay and what day the watches arrive. I expect to have them all shipped within a week.

If you have any problems with my online store, please let me know. Last time there was a mad rush and that overloaded my site, so I hope that doesn't happen this time :biggrin1:

I'm going to cross reference each order with my pre-order list.
#01 James SS
#02 Nate PVD
#03 Michael PVD
#04 Dan PVD
#05 charles PVD
#06 Dan PVD
#07 Christian SS
#08 Richard PVD
#09 William SS
#10 Peter PVD
#11 andrew PVD
#12 Gerald PVD
#13 Joseph PVD
#14 Randall PVD
#15 Gregory PVD
#16 Robert PVD
#17 Edson PVD
#18 Bradley SS
#20 M J SS
#21 Shane SS
#22 Andy SS
#23 Gary PVD
#24 nick PVD
#25 Don PVD
#26 Michael SS
#27 william PVD
#28 Ariel PVD
#29 Eric SS
#30 Bill SS
#31 masaru SS
#32 John PVD
#33 Raymond PVD
#34 Mark SS
#35 Ryan SS
#36 Rick PVD
#37 Abdullah PVD
#38 James SS
#39 Mike PVD
#40 James SS
#41 Jim SS
#42 Todd PVD
#43 Robert PVD
#44 Joseph SS
#45 Michael SS
#46 Mike SS
#47 Gary PVD
#48 Larry PVD
#49 Tom SS
#50 Marc SS

Thank you again for letting me be a part of this project. I'm looking forward to seeing all the awesome pictures.

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All done...just waiting on delivery now.

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payment made.

Thank you again Keith.
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Paid In Full !!!!!!!
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#23 Paid for!!
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This will be an awesome birthday gift to me next month:clapping-hands-abov.
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job done
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All paid for and done. Keith you are a super star around here. I feel very happy to be part of this very successful project. Well Done everyone
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#6 is Paid in Full. Woo Hoo.
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yes #47 Paid :clapping-hands-abov Thanks Keith!
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all paid up, now time to start saving for the Harpoon. :smileyface_hand_cla
#41 paid! Getting excited about getting this beauty on my wrist!
Hi guys,
I don't know how I missed this. Would someone let me know the total cost and size of the watch ?
Hi guys,
I don't know how I missed this. Would someone let me know the total cost and size of the watch ?
If you were not in on the preorder, sorry, its all been sold out. We only did 50.
All have been preorderd. We started the project back in February.
#30 paid in full oh yea Thanks Keith and WF's
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