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I own several Wenger watches. I think at the low end Wenger Quartz models ( $200 -$300) are built more solid. However, at the higher end Victorinox ($350 - $1000) have been better build quality.

My experiences are based on looking at Victorinox watches in retail stores. In the last 10 years or so Wenger has had very limited automatic construction models. I have several of automatics from Wenger from say 2000 - 2010. They are run well and keep acceptable time over long periods.

The last Wenger quartz I bought in 2015 is a field model which retails for $275. That watch is keeping excellent time. I have a much more expensive Wenger Quartz dual time model which is frankly a battery hog. I usually have gotten 6 mos. to 9 mos. per battery and rarely wear it. I pulled the stem out so stop it from running, in fact.

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