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Just got a Wenger Terragraph black case today. Nice watch! Not too thrilled with the plain black leather strap it came with, so I ordered a black leather Nato strap for it.

About 16 years ago I purchased a Wenger (looks a bit like a diver style with rotating bezel, screw down crown, steel strap). After about a year the battery went bad. Had it replaced, but several months later it went dead. The watch repair shop "repaired" it ( I think they charged me for a new movement). It lasted for a few weeks then went dead again. I recently found it in a drawer and decided to replace the battery myself. To my surprise it worked! It has been keeping time accurately for the past couple of months. My guess is that the repair shop didn't repair it at all. They simply placed an old battery in it and charged me for a repair that wasn't done.

I ended up replacing the metal strap with a rubber strap and gave it to my daughter who loves it and uses it every day. I truly believe they are good watches.
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