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I am happy to announce that Duchess will be our new Moderator in the growing Lounge / Off Topic forum on Watch Freeks.

I have known Duchess for a long time and she is an incredible person and a lot of fun! Duchess will be expanding the Lounge section in the future to include other fun topics and sections. I could not be more excited as I am obsessed personally with movies, many TV shows/series and sports!

We all gather on Watch Freeks with the common love of watches, or an interest to learn more about watches. My goal has always been that this site can also be a place we can come together as a community and discuss many different topics.

Our watch obsession binds us all and now Duchess will give us some additional fun and interesting topics to discuss about the world around us in The Lounge section.

Please welcome Duchess as the newest Moderator for the The Lounge section on Watch Freeks!

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