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We have 3 winners!!! Yes 3

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As has hard as I tried not to pick George (whatchurself)....he was the first out of the hat!!LOL:c:cCongrats!!

UKMike was #2 out of the hat........:c:cCongrats!!

Here's the problem, both guys said they did not care what color......??? So what to do? Guys, talk amongst's the topic, what color black or brown.
Let me know.

..........and Teraram was #3??? Number 3 you say?? I thought there were only 2?? Well, got a little warm and fuzzy over my new NFW and decided I wanted to spread the good feeling around some more!!!

So, what is #3?

Guys, send me PM's with address, etc.

And big congrats and thanks to everyone that entered......more to come!!!
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LOL!!! Actually thank my 20 month old daughter. She picked one, it fell back in the hat before I could see it and then grabbed another a second was the Big G!!!

CJ you are the Man - i pm'd you!!

Thanks all i want to thank my mother, my dad, my wife & kids and everyone involved.... oh WHAT i didnt win an OSCAR??? LOLOLOLOL
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Yeah, no kidding TP....East Coasters having their day in the sun I guess LOL

thunderingpants wrote:
Congrats to the winners and kudos to Seattle for his generousity. I was really hoping that we could've kept one of them in the PNW, lol.
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I couldn't be happier that you and George are diggin on the MM's! This is what it's all about!!!:b:b:b:b


UKWolfeman wrote:
Thanks CJ watch arrived yesterday at my office and I got it first thing this morning and put the bad boy on. Great watch. Don't know how to express how cool a give away this was. Will post some pics tonight.
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