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Watch size question

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What size of wrist watch do you currently like most?
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Exactly 43mm in my case.
But I will also fudge and wear 40mm or 44mm
My Vostok is 38mm and I thot it small but have
that behind me now,

Lou Snutt
I'm one of those WIS'es who strayed from the fold and
bought 4 oversized watches to my chagrin.
But I had one of those "come to Jesus moments" and
now I'm back in the 42 to 44mm mob.
Fortunately I found new homes for all but 2 hockey puck
watches. The 2 remaining watches are just too good to
Just ordered and recieved 2 smaller watches (40mm) from
Russia. The Vostok Komanderiskie and Amphibia. Didn't
know Ivan made such a bang fer tha buck watch.

Lou Snutt
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Back in tha day, I was a fan of big ole manhole cover sized watches.
Had to have busy dials, thick cases, etc.
But then lo and behold I had one of the "Come to Jesus moments"
about downsizing my watches. Came to the conclusion 40 - 42 mm
pieces were the cat's meow. "Lawd I want to be in that number"
(owners of reasonably sized watches).

Lou Snutt
Just like in fishing, with sweet spots and honey holes, 42 - 43 mm gets the nod
from me.
In my misspent youth I wore 50 - 52 mm watches (brand name withheld)
I'll even wear a 38mm if the bezel is wide enuff.
Flipped every oversized watch I owned. I have seen tha light Bros.

Lou Snutt
1 - 4 of 49 Posts
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