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Question for you…..

I have a small Omega Speedmaster (I believe it is referred to as a “reduced” model coming in at 39mm).

I purchased it back in 2002 on 2003. It sat for many years and I rarely ever wore it.

I’ve recently taken to wearing it again.

It has never been serviced.

I’ve asked two people in the business whether or not it is worth having it serviced. Both, independently said, and I am paraphrasing, “Wear it until wheels fall off and then send it in”.

When I have asked watch repair folks, they have said “Send it in.” Cost would be between $500 and $700.

It runs and keeps time very well as great as I can tell.

I believe that secondary market value is perhaps $2500 and I have no intention of selling it.

Thoughts are appreciated.

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