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Watch Review: CCCP HERITAGE CP-7020-03

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About CCCP (from web site):

CCCP watch collection draws its design inspiration from the life and times of a significant part of the modern political era of the Soviet Union. It was Yuri Gagarin, the cosmonaut who took with him the hopes and dreams of mankind as he become the first human being into space – breaking free from the Earth below. CCCP timepiece celebrate this and also the order of timekeeping and watchmaking from the storied houses of Soviet watchmakers.

Web site:
Contact info: [email protected]

Model being reviewed: HERITAGE CP-7020-03
This watch was donated for review.
Retail Price: $540
Amazon Price: $145 (

About CCCP Heritage Collection:


With technological advancements such as the Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin, the Soviets have left with the world with a legacy of innovation and technological advancements. The Heritage Collection is a truly honest attempt at recreating the brilliance that the Soviets achieved.

From the design mind of Alexander Shorokhoff - beautifully elegant yet bold and clean, the heritage collection is a great timepiece to match with a suite and tie, or to throw on for a relaxing evening out

Stock Photo:


First Impression:

I opened the box and my first impression was, "Say hello to a dress watch from CCCP". I expected more of a military style watch from this manufacturer. You might be able to describe this as an "officers style" dress watch.

I have another watch from CCCP and the packaging is identical to that used with the Kashalot model I currently have in my collection. Nice outer box and an even nicer inner box. The inner box contains the watch on a pillow, the warranty card and an owners manual. More on the owners manual later in the review.

Outer Box:

Inner Box:

Dial and Hands:
I think this is a very nice execution for this style. This watch is offered with a mineral crystal. There is a longer minute hand and a shorter hour hand. Both are lumed. It is the only lume on the watch face. There is a nice red accent second hand that stands out. The date window is locate at the 3 O'Clock position and is easy to read with the black numbers on the white background. The dial is not overcrowded, but does have the CCCP markings and a logo. Overall the dial is tastefully done.

The case is 14mm thick. It measures 48.5mm lug-to-lug.

Case Back:
The red window on the exhibition case back is another trademark of CCCP watches. I think it looks nice, even if I am the only one that ever sees it. It does make it harder to actually see the movement. That is not a bad thing as these Slava 2427 movements are not very elaborately decorated, so there is not much to view.

The quality of the strap is average. It is genuine leather calfskin in a mock crocodile pattern. This is an extremely stiff strap out of the box. It will take some time breaking it in. The strap measures 20mm at the lug and tapers to 18mm at the buckle. (Listed at 22mm to 18mm on the CCCP website. I measure it at 20 to 18mm)

There is plenty of length in the strap. It is plenty long enough for my 8.25 inch wrist. I still have two holes left before the end of the strap. I measure the strap at 120mm x 85mm.

Notice the stamp of the CCCP coming through from the backside of the strap. Interesting touch.

A standard tang buckle in gold matches the case. Nothing special here and the buckle actually looks a little on the cheap side.

Owners Manual: The link below links to the same owners manual as the one in the package I received. This movement is not covered by this manual. I think this is an oversight by the company that needs to get corrected. It is not OK to put a manual in the box or link to an on-line manual that does not have the instructions required to properly operate the timepiece you purchased.


Slava 2427: A very precise movement, which contains two mainsprings. The plastic disc is part of the movement - it carries the date quickset mechanism.

Note the button that controls the date quickset mechanism. It is NOT controlled by the stem. There is only one stem pull and that is for setting the time. This information is not included in the owners manual as the instructions for this specific movement are not included in the manual provided.


Wrist Shot:
I think the watch looks good on the wrist. If you are a person that likes a dressy look with a goldtone watch this would be right up your alley.

The lume on this watch is adequate for a dress piece. Not spectacular and certainly not one for the crazy lume fans. The hands and the chapter markers are lumed. No lume on the second hand or the hour markers.

Comparison: I have used another CCCP watch as the comparison.

I have reviewed the CCCP Kashalot and the review can be found as this thread:

Not hard to see the difference here. The Kashalot (47mm case and 17mm thick) is jumbo in comparison to the Heritage (43mm case and 14mm thick). The thickness difference is striking even though the diameter of the watch is not all that different.


This is a nice looking watch that wears handsomely on the wrist. It is a simple automatic three hand with a date window. It has just enough interesting and unique touches, like the red rear exhibition case back, the stamped strap, and the genuine Russian Slava 2427 movement, to separate it from the crowd. I'm not a fan of the strap taper to 18mm. That is a little too thin for my taste, but others may like it. I can easily solve this with a strap change. I would keep it on brown leather.

I normally don't wear brown leather straps or yellow gold watches, however, I can see this hanging around in my collection and getting some wrist time at a business meeting or on a night out that calls for a dress watch.

1) Automatic movement, meaning no batter changes
2) Amply strap length for most wearers
3) Nice size, styling, and curb appeal to met the needs of anyone in the market for a dress watch with a military flair.

1) Poor water resistance at 50 meters
2) The buckle could use a serious upgrade
3) The owners manual should be corrected to cover the movement that is in this watch.
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Love that red caseback window.
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