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Watch Reviewed: Belmoto Track-Day

Company Information:


About Belmoto from Company Website:

Belmoto was born from the mind and soul of Magrette Timepiece founder, Dion McAsey. His acute attention to design detail has converged in the Belmoto timepiece collection.

He created the Belmoto brand with the same masterful craftsmanship and pedigree as Magrette, with a heavy nod towards an era of race car driving and motorcycling when men sweat, bled and worshipped the art of speed & the beauty of their machines. Each Belmoto timepiece is a machine of perfect time-keeping and allows the bearer to feel the energy of past era in a modern timepiece.

Like Dion, Belmoto represents a human being of action. Say what you do and do what you say. Integrity is in our DNA. We believe it is in yours, too. At Belmoto, we are devoted to the lost art of leadership, craftsmanship and self-reliance. We are patrons of action. The quality of our timepiece collection and the emotional experience of the Belmoto brand is about being yourself; let the world know how powerful you can be. Welcome to Belmoto.


Belmoto Track-Day - Dark Blue & Blue in Silver

Stock Photo:

Description of Track-Day Company Website:

The Belmoto Track Day is for the driver, the artist behind the wheel, who wants the craftsmanship and the aesthetic of perfection. The driver who remembers a time when attention to detail was masculine and expected. A time of singular confidence. Each element used in this timepiece is chosen for its engineering and to add to your ambitious and driven lifestyle. A perfect addition to a life built on achieving the highest echelons of success as fast as possible.

Watch Specifications:

- Case: 316L Stainless Steel
- Crystal: Sapphire, double domed with anti-reflective coating
- Caseback: 316L stainless steel, screw-in
- Movement: Seiko VK64 Chronograph Hybrid Meca-Quartz Movement
- Functions: True mechanical reset chronograph,1/5 second sweep center-stop hand, Calendar Complication
- Dial: Blue
- Diameter: 42 mm
- Length: 51 mm
- Thickness: 13 mm
- Weight: 91g with strap
- Water resistance: 20 ATM / 200 Meters

Price: $500


Belmoto Track-Day - Dark Blue & Blue in Silver


Normally, I prefer simple packaging, provided it is sufficient to protect the watch while shipping and storage. However, in this case, I was pleased to see that the Belmoto utilizes a similarly designed travel case and other accessories that were recently introduced by its brother brand, Magrette. As I have said previously, this packaging is some of the nicest and most practical that I have come across in a long while!

The watch comes "double boxed", with a nice, branded pressboard outer box. The outer box is black and has the Belmoto name a logo printed in white on its top. Inside, the company's new travel case holds the Track-Day safely snug in place.

The leather travel has an outside cover of textured, black leather with tan stitching. The case is padded underneath the leather, which gives the case a nice, supple feel in your hand. The case is finished with brands' name and logo embossed on its lid and utilizes a matching black, zippered enclosure.

The inside of the travel case is lined entirely with caramel colored suede (medium tan). The material is very nice and the stitching inside is well done. The case has two sections, with a divider and removable "strap wallet". With this being said, the case can be used to transport two watches safely, with extra straps and tools.

Case and Crystal:

The Track-Day is designed with a "cushion style", 316L stainless steel case. The case has a finely brushed finish throughout its surfaces, with a fixed, polished bezel. The finish on all of the watch surfaces is nicely executed, with smooth lines, crisp edges and it is evenly applied.

One great feature that you will notice in the photos below is the use of drilled lug holes. These often come in very handy for quick strap changes and help to avoid scratches along the undersides of the watch lugs. I am a big fan of drilled lugs and often look while shopping for watches.

The blue internal bezel includes a twelve hour register, with the register rotating to indicate a second time zone. As you can see in the photo below as well as photos throughout this review, the 12 on the internal bezel just needs to be rotated (in either direction) to the desired second time zone and locked into place by screwing down the crown. The photo below shows no difference in the two time zones.

In the photo below the watch's internal bezel has been adjusted for a second time zone. In this case it is showing a three hour time difference, like for New York City and Los Angeles, for example.

The watch comes equipped with two crowns -- One on the right hand side of the case at the 3 o'clock position and the other is on the left side of the case at the 10 o'clock position. Both crowns screw down with a few turns, which helps keep the watch water tight as well as ensures that the internal bezel setting remains unchanged.

The two crowns are nicely sized at 6.0mm, with the brand's logo engraved into their ends. The crown are feature a polished finish and deeply notched grips, which provides a great contrast against the brushed case surface. The notches provide an excellent gripping surface, and easy to manipulate them while making adjustments.

The crown on the right side of the case is used for adjusting time and other movement complications.

The watch features a dual-time design, with an internal bezel for tracing time in a second time zone. This complication is controlled via the crown on the left side of the case.

In addition to the two crowns, the Track-Day also features two chronograph pushers on the right side of the case. These pushers have a black PVD coating and control the mechanical chronograph start and reset functions for the Seiko VK64 movement.

The watch's screw-in 316L stainless steel case back has a circular brushed finish, with the Belmoto logo engraved into its center. The overall design in actually quite attractive and the silhouette design really pops out at you.


The Track-Day features a blue "dual-eye" dial layout with silver, engraved sub-dials and "sandwich dial" style hour indices. This combination of features combine to create quite an attractive dial, with great contrast, variable depth and interesting textures.
Although I would not necessarily describe this as a traditional chronograph dial design, I do feel that this combination creates a unique look for this model and it certainly helps to differentiate this watch from other chronographs in the market.

I would best describe the dial on this model as being navy or dark blue in color. The tone of the dial works great with the bright silver sub-dials as well as the red accents incorporated into the dial design.

The hour indices for the Track-Day are recessed into the dial and utilized a "sandwich style" dial design. They are nicely sized and have a rounded, oblong shape. The recessed indices have C3 Superluminova thickly applied, which has a very slight green tint.

Belmoto did a great job with their attention to the details on the Track-Day design. Examples of this are:

- The white minute track along the outer perimeter of the dial, which features a hash style index as well as red markers at five minute increments.

- The recessed subdial design, which features a circular engr
aving pattern, blue markings and red hands.

- A date window at the 6 o'clock position on the dial. This helps to balance out the dial design and also adds additional functionality to the watch.

- The use of alternating red and white markings throughout the dial, including the name, logo and model name. This is aesthetically pleasing and helps to pull the entire dial design together.

The photo provides a closer look at the dial's sandwich style hour indices. They are well executed and work nicely with the overall design of the watch.

As you can see from the photos, the C3 Superluminova used on the dial and hands has a nice tan tint, which gives them the appearance of having patina. The lume lights and has a nice green glow when fully charged. The lume is very strong and fades slowly over time. As you can see from the photos below, when it is fully charged it lights up like a torch.


The Track-Day comes with a tapered, 22mm navy blue leather strap installed. In line with the watch's rally or racing theme, the strap has holes punched down its surface in a rally pattern. This, combined with the dial's dual-eye design help to make the watch a cohesive racing inspired piece.

The strap has a pebbled texture along its length, with light blue stitching and finished edges. The strap leather is very pliable fresh out of the box and the quality of the materials used is nice.

The strap comes fitted with a custom 316L stainless steel thumbnail style buckle. The buckle has a great design, with nice engraving along its top surface as well as the brand's logo engraved in a shield just above where the tang is seated.


The Track-Day utilizes a Seiko VK64 chronograph movement. This is a hybrid "mecha-quartz" watch movement, which isn't often utilized.

One interesting aspect of the VK64 is the mechanical chronograph reset feature. This complication is the "Mecha" in the "Mecha-Quartz" name refers to. Much like a fully mechanical chronograph movment, this complication provides an immediate reset of the chronograph seconds hand when the reset pusher is depressed. So, if you are a fan of that "snap back" to 12, you will be very pleased with the action of this chronograph movement.

The following are the movement's technical and accuracy specifications:

For more information on the movement, please refer to the following link:


Wrist Shots:

For reference purposes, my wrist is 7.25 inches.

The Track-Day measures 42.0mm in diameter and 51.0mm in length. With these dimensions, the watch is the perfect size for MANY and is certainly a popular size in the WIS community. It wears very comfortably on the wrist and will fit nicely on most wrist sizes.

Overall, I have to say, this watch is outstanding on the wrist. It has great balance, fantastic proportions and its overall appearance in person is excellent.


Overall impression and final thoughts:

The Belmoto Track-Day has a rally inspired vibe. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of the watch and its design elements make it distinctive amongst the wide selection of chronographs in the market today. The finishing throughout the watch and the components utilized are very nice, especially the incorporation of the cool mecha-quartz movement that is incorporated into the design. I have to hand it to Dion McAsey, he did a great job with this freshman offering from Belmoto! With this being said, I feel that the watch is a fairly good value at $500.

During my evaluation of the watch, I found it refreshing that the watch had an appearance that is outside the "norms" of what we commonly see in the market. Not only did they design a unique looking watch, they did it with quality components that the WIS community consistently ask for -- a cool movement, a sapphire crystal, screw-down crowns...etc.

The only thing that some folks may complain about is the pricepoint, but I think this watch is priced right for the quality that you get and the entire package...but, folks are always welcome to their own opinion and welcome to spend their hard earned money as they wish. But, I feel this watch is worth the sticker price.

With all this being said, I think that this is a great value and would suggest it for somebody looking for a nicely priced casual watch! It comes is a bunch of cool colors and different finishes (see below), which also give the watch a completely different vibe.

Well, that concludes my review …Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments ~


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Thank you for another great review! So, the "mega-quartz" name means that the chronometer will reset to the 12 marker like a mechanical watch and there are no other features that separates it from a common quartz movement?

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Thank you for another great review! So, the "mega-quartz" name means that the chronometer will reset to the 12 marker like a mechanical watch and there are no other features that separates it from a common quartz movement?

"Mecha-Quartz"... And yes, it has a module attached to the movement that makes the chrono part mechanical, while regular timekeeping is done by the Quartz

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Another fantastic review. You should work for a magazine or something. :hail:
As you said, the watch has all the features that everyone likes. But I think the movement lets it down. I have Ronda 8040N's that snap right back to 0 and time down to 1/10 of a second. I didn't pay no $500 to get them. And generally, I think the watches look better. With a middle of the road TMI movement with one trick pony, I think this watch should be around $300 max. But thats just my humble opinion. :)

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That is a fantastic looking piece. I really like the idea of the snap-back-to-12 chromo timer hand - and to have that on a quartz accurate driven piece would be intriguing.

Another company to keep my eye on for sure.

Excellent review as always.
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