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Name of Reviewer: Mark (AKA andrema)

Watch Reviewed: Alessandro Baldieri Magnum PVD - Beige Luminous


Company Information:




About from Company Website:

From interior designer, to “Creator of Timeless Watches”

It seems a mighty leap for anyone to make, but for Alessandro Baldieri, a man whose international upbringing and love of travelling the world over have provided inspiration since he was a child, it was a natural progression.

Born in Italy and educated in Rome and U.S. Alessandro who is fluent in 4 languages, studied architecture and interior design in Los Angeles California and quickly became the jet set designer of the most prestigious villas of the Californian coast – he designed the homes of stars and many other jet setters.

After twenty years of interiors and furniture design, Alessandro was ready to fulfill his ambition to start a new venture. His creative flair, love of luxury and keen eye for details have lead him into the world of watches, setting up offices in London and Singapore.

His goal has always been to create a line of watches for both men and women that reflected his own persona: International, stylish, contemporary and uncompromising in quality.


Alessandro Baldieri Magnum PVD - Beige Luminous

Stock Photo:

Description from the company website:

Introducing the Magnum 'M-48' Italian designer, Alessandro Baldieri reveals his new Italian Military inspired divers model. The Magnum 48 with its complex beveled 48mm case that took a whole year to make has been constructed of hand sandblasted Stainless steel. It has a water-resistance of 300 meters and is fitted with a 120-click type rotating divers bezel with luminous marker at 12 o'clock. Further features include a domed, toughened, highly shatter-resistant and anti-reflective K1 mineral crystal, Super luminous hands and an extra suede matte finished dial. The Magnum 48 is powered by IT3HD 25 jewel automatic movement by Movimenti Officine Baldieri. The watch is presented on handmade, hand stitched Italian Saddle strap.

Watch Specifications:

Case Diameter (without crown - 3 to 9): 47.0mm

Case Thickness: 17.75mm

Case Length (lug to lug): 53.0mm

Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Dial Color: Black

Crystal Material: Sapphire

Water Resistance: 300m / 990ft

Movement: Officine Baldieri IT3HD / (Modified SeaGull AAA Grade TY2551), 25 Jewels, 42 Hour Power Reserve

Strap Material: Leather

Weight: 198g

Warranty: 2 Years

Price: $1200


Allesandro Baldieri Timepieces is a UK based watch company, which was formed in 2006. For this watch review, the company has provided one of its Magnum models for review. This is a PVD finished watch, with an automatic movement, date complication and sapphire crystal.


The Baldieri Magnum comes packaged in an elongated packaging, with double boxing. An outer blue cardboard sleeve, with the Alessandro Baldieri name and logo printed on its top, protects the inner watch box.

The watch case has a wooden frame, with a carbon fiber printed vinyl covering. On the top of the case Baldieri is printed in Black and red AB logos are printed in red. The case construction is a lid and base style, with the entire top coming off to expose the watch inside.

Inside the case, the base is lined with a foam core, which is covered with soft, black velvet. There are cutouts in the core for the watch as well as a strap changing tool, which is included with the kit.

Case and Crystal:

The Magnum 48 is a boldly designed watch with distinctly Italian military aesthetics, but with a modern twist. The overall design is quite unique and is not necessarily derivative of any single design. The dimensions of the watch are oversized, but due to the curved caseback of the watch as well as the fairly short lugs it wears a little smaller than one would expect. With that being said, this is definitely not a conservative watch and not one for the "wilting flower" crowd.

It's 316L stainless steel case has a smooth, matte finish, with a black DLC coating applied. The watch's angular shapes and case transitions help to create a fluid design and mitigate the appearance of it being too thick. In addition, the lack of bulky crown guards gives the watch a more narrow appearance. These design features all create a nice transition from surface to surface throughout the watch, as you can see from the photos below.

The case has a nice profile, with downward sloping lugs. The lug shape allows the watch to wear very close to the wrist. As you can see from the photos, the sides of the case have screw heads installed. These are merely ornamental and do not function.

The Magnum's DLC coated uni-directional bezel has a matte, bead blasted finish. The bezel includes illuminated as well as raised metal markings, which provides a very unique look to the watch and adds a bit of additional interest to the design.

The v-shaped bezel grips provide a nice, secure surface for making adjustment or setting dive times. Its action is nice, with no play and firm clicks though out the entire 120 positions.

The watch's sapphire dome crystal sits slightly above the bezel and rises upwards to create a nice silhouette. The crystal has a blue antireflective coating applied to its inside surface. As you can see from the photo below, at certain angles, it creates an interesting distortion.

Below is a close-up of the white illuminated marker at the 12 o'clock position on the bezel. As you can see, the stark white color of the Superluminova provides a great contrast to the matte black surface of the bezel.

The watch's 316L stainless steel screw-in case back has a bead blasted finish. As you can see from the photo below, the case back design is actually curved, which is a great design feature and allows the large case to sit directly on the wrist.

Below is a close-up of the gorilla image that is etched into the caseback. Based on my conversation with Mr. Baldieri, the gorilla represents strength as well as represents peace, love and respect! He has much respect for these magnificent creatures and wanted to pay respect to them by using them to represent the theme of the Magnum line of watches.

The Magnum has a generously sized, 9.0mm crown, with the brand's logo engraved into its end. As you can see from the photos below, the case features a very unique crown guard system. The guard is a fairly simple, yet effective, tube, which surrounds a majority of the crown. This allows the crown to be protected while still being able to be manipulated and pulled out.

Initially, accessing the crown is a little difficult due to the fluted top edge and the crown guard design, but it is easy enough to operate once you get used to it. Once unscrewed, the crown itself has a nice feel when setting the time and is easy to manipulate.

The photo below shows the backside of the crown guard. As you can see, there is an opening where you can lift the crown to the different positions to set the time, set the date or wind the movement.

Dial and Hands:

The Magnum 48 has a "Suede Super Matte" black dial, which has a matte texture and has the AB logo as well as M-48 painted in beige on the dial. The watch has a nice sandwich style dial, with beige tinted Superluminova paint applied to its lower surface.

The hands of the Magnum are traditional broadsword style hands. They have a matte black frame and beige tinted Superluminova luminous paint applied, which matches the lime on the dial. The second hand is a traditional post style hand, which is also painted matte black and its tip is painted with beige Superluminova.

The shot below is a nice close-up of the sandwich dial cutout markers as well as the dial texture of the Magnum. The beige lume paint really works well with the dial color and pops nicely off the dial.

As you can see from the photos, the Superluminova used on the bezel, dial and hands have a nice, greenish tone. The lume is fairly bright when fully charged, but tends to fade quickly. As you can see from the photos below, when it is fully charged it glows nicely.


The Magnum comes with a custom black leather strap installed. The 23mm strap has a smooth texture along its length, with minimal cream stitching at the lugs. Despite its 4.75mm thickness, the strap is actually quite supple and conforms nicely to the wrist when worn.

In addition to the stitching at its lug end, the strap also features decorative stitching at the tip of its tail.

The Magnum comes with a good quality 316L stainless steel custom buckle with a DLC coated, bead blasted finish. The company logo is nicely engraved into the buckle's top surface.


Wrist Shots:

For reference purposes, my wrist is 7.25 inches.

The Vanguard measures roughly 47.0mm in diameter and 53.0mm in length. With these dimensions, the watch is on the larger size of the spectrum for the dive watch genre. With this being said, due to its downward sloping lugs and curved caseback, it wears nicely even on my fairly average sized wrist.

Like I said at the onset of the review, the Magnum is a big, bold watch -- It wears accordingly.


Overall impression and final thoughts:

The Alessandro Baldieri Magnum is an Italian military inspired, aggressive looking dive watch. Its design is very unique, with bold proportions, angular shape and use of a sleeve-like crown guard system. Overall, I feel the watch is well built and the design features are relatively well thought out.

While preparing my review and evaluating the watch, I noticed a few features that could be improved or changed to accentuate the look and/or functionality of the watch. As I do with all of my reviews, I have compiled these points and have listed them below:

· As it is currently designed, the bezel lume is not tinted beige to match the dial and hands. I would have preferred to see all of the lume tinted the same throughout the watch.

· The watch currently has ornamental screw heads installed on the sides of the case, with springbars used to hold the strap in place. I feel that the design would look cleaner and more refined without these installed. Adversely, if exposed screw heads are an integral part of the case design, then I would suggest functional lug screwbars be utilized and implemented into the design.

· The bezel currently does not have countdown markings from the 0 to 20 minute markings. To make the bezel more functional for use diving, I would suggest some sort of markings be added.

As I said previously, these points are fairly minor or nit-picky and are definitely not "deal breakers" for me.

Well, that concludes my review …Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments ~ Mark

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^^^ Agreed it's just too large.At 43mm I would be in. BTW He's a fascinating individual.I've been a fan of his designs since he launched.As the story goes,while on a sail trip from Marmaris to Rome on a friends sailboat,he was having difficulty handling rough seas and while asleep on the vessel he dreamt it capsized from an attack of a sea monster LOL. Thus the inspiration for his first release the "Petrol Blue Seamonster"

Also great review,Thanks.
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This is a very well done review. Thank you for the info and awesome pictures.

Personally I am not a fan of the dial markers (the "O"s) but the overall appearance and presentation looks very clean. A little to large for my current tastes also.

Great review. Thanks again.

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so, I really, REALLY like the design. I love the dial, the lugs, the case.
The size on the other hand is a problem. If this were 44, Id be all over it. I can't go 47 as it beyond both my wrist size and current taste.

Excellent review. :)

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Great review of a very nice watch. I'm not crazy about the black but the SS version is very nice. Might be out of my current price range. But that may change and there is always the secondary market if I'm patient.

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It's definitely a large watch, but that is what Alessandro was looking for. Perhaps there will be a smaller version down the road for those who do not prefer larger watches.

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Case is too high for me.

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I've seen these popping up on Instagram and have been intrigued. I like this one, especially with that curved case-back. Very cool beefy design. I have been leaning away from over-sized pieces lately, but I would consider this one.

Great review Mark, nice to get a better look at these watches.
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