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Yesterday I went out for a beautiful meal with my wife and family at a local gastro pub. I love my jewelry and obviously watches are at the top of this list.
I had chosen to wear my Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo as I was wearing a double cuff dusky pink shirt. I needed to chose some fitting cufflinks for the occasion and forgot I had these.
Anyone else have any watch related jewelry? It would be great to see I am not by my nerdy self...

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I thot I'd seen it all, til now
Watch movement cuff links.
Whats next? Ratchet fork
ear rings? Thanks diver!!

Did you know Queen Elizabeth
(God Save Her!!!) served as
a mechanic in WW2. Me and
the wife jus luv the Royal Family

Served in UK in our Air Force.
Brize Norton RAF Station and at
Upper Heyford.

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Desk, that isn't nerdy there at all ! It's plain cool honestly !!! :jaw::cool2: :clap2:
Especially next to your Dan Henry ! ..What a combo !!!

I don't have any watch related jewelry unfortunately, but maybe I should !

Hope you guys have, and are having a spectacular Holiday by the way ! :)
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