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Hello TheGreenSquid, welcome to the forum ! 馃榾

Hmm, I can see a couple numbers, along with some engraving,
but I really can鈥檛 identify any makers mark either. ..It looks a bit
like a bird of some king from this side of things. But whatever it
is, it looks like a beautiful pocket watch from what I can see. (y)

Want to thank you for not only showing this to us, but also for
joining up !

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So the case is 80% silver...

....The Act specified minimum standards of 585鈥 (585 mil) for gold and 800鈥 (800 mil or 80% fine) for silver. The imperial crown, the Reichskrone, within a circle representing the sun ( Reichskrone und Sonne) was to be stamped on gold, and a crescent or half moon with the imperial crown (Halbmond und Reichskrone) was stamped on silver. The fineness of the metal was also expressed numerically, together with a trademark identifying the company or business which stamped and guaranteed the marks. There were no other tiers of fineness such as 18 carat for gold or sterling for silver; so long as an item was of at least the minimum standard fineness, it was legal.
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