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WANTED: Deep Blue Daynight Valjoux 7754 GMT Blue Dial

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Hey guys, I am searching for one of these if anyone has one they would part with. Thanks for your time.

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Good luck finding a Freek wanting to part with this iteration!!!
I own 2 D B's. A Ocean Timer and a 3000 meter App Dvr. Both
are Quartz and sooper accurate, attractive and full on keepers.
Had another DB with a Miyota 9015. Noisiest winding auto I
ever owned. Flipped it for a Seiko SRP357.

Lou Snutt
Mikee: The DB Ocean Timer I left in a parking lot, thinking doors on my pickup were
both locked. But 1 door wasn't locked. Some lowlife stole it from my work bag.
Emailed D B twice about buying another Ocean Timer.
Stan & Sam never responded. Still haven't. Surmising the O T was outta stock.
Found another, newer issue on EBay.

Make sure you auto doors are LOCKED! I learn't the hard way.

Lou Snutt
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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