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My brother recently purchased this watch, he's EDCing it now. It is gorgeous in real life! A lot nicer than in the photo. Plus, it's only USD 76 on Meranom (but there is only 1 left in stock as of this post...)

Here's the description from the Meranom site:

Vostok 2415.01 automatic movement with central second hand
Over-winding safety device
31 jewels
Frequency: 19800 vibrations/hour
Power reserve not less than 33 hours
Stainless steel case
Plexiglas lens
Water-resistance: 100 m
Dimensions: diameter - 42 mm, height - 15mm
Genuine leather strap
Average term of service - 10 years


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Love them Vostoks
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Hey, your brother has some phenomenal taste in watches too it looks
like Hector ! 😮:cool: You have to hand it to Vostok really, and how their
designs can actually stand out in the crowd. I mean basically every
model they make is eye-catching either in a classic, or traditional way,
or is uniquely cool, and original right?!

This one in which your brother picked up has a seemingly traditional
skin diver case at first glance. However, then changes gears in all of
these different ways. Adding angles, and edges, and then the bezel
looks so neat too, and unlike anything else from other watch brands.
Followed by a dial that does the same thanks to some terrific font,
as well as the color. What a stunner ! ..Or stunners rather !! 😎😎

Thanks very very much for the look !!! Hope your brother really enjoys ! 😀
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