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I received my second Vostok Amphibia yesterday after returning from a two-week trip back to the Peoples Republic of Chicago, my former home town.
This one was shipped directly from Russia for $91 dollars my cost which included $4 shipping and them picking up $12 in duty fees.

This means the watch itself costs $75. Amazing!

The watch is on the exact same “ministry” case as the “Scuba Dude” but is a white dial with Arabic numerals. The watch is also a no-date model. This watch without the date complication was infinitely easier to hand-wind than the Scuba Dude is. It almost feels like you are hand-winding a Seiko.

The watch is super comfortable as is the other Amphibia and is a lot nicer looking in person as it is in photos. With the domed acrylic crystal, the watch dial almost appears to be enamel rather than a flat white. With the black outlined hands and black numerals, the watch is super legible.

Accuracy for the 1st 24 hours is +4 seconds a day, not exactly the +4 seconds a month like the Scuba Dude is running, but more than acceptable COSC standard accuracy.
BTW, on the Chicago trip for two weeks I took along my Blue Faux-Lex and my legit Breitling and the Scuba Dude, the Scuba Dude garnered about 95% of the wrist time, I really, really love this watch!

Disregarding the Swiss Watch Kool-Aid and other bragging rights nonsense, if this watch had been produced in Switzerland instead of Russia, with all of its innovative design work on the case and crystal, and it's rock-solid 31 jewels bulletproof movement, it would command thousands of dollars, instead of less then a hundred bucks.

I know the bright and shiny chrome plated bezel is a turn off to some, but I like it on the "Scuba Dude", give it a unique look and it will stay there, on this White dial model I plan on pulling off the bezel and making it brushed instead of shiny.

Russia Stamps by Charles Ford, on Flickr
Russia Watch by Charles Ford, on Flickr
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