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Just came in about an hour ago.

Bracelet isn't completely bad, except for the crappy clasp.

The bracelet is coming off ASAP and replaced with a strap or mesh.

Vostok blue by Charles Ford, on Flickr

On Barton Quick release leather strap.................Much Better!

barton gray leather by Charles Ford, on Flickr

On Milinaese mesh, Best??

Best by Charles Ford, on Flickr
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Looks terrific either way Chaz, with the strap drawing all the class
from the gray in the dial. Then the mesh really plays off of the dial
markers, and maybe even bezel ! :coo2l: ..So either way it works great
to tell the truth.

The mesh is definitely sportier though, and maybe continues the
neat look of the watch better out onto the wrist. :) ..What a get !
HUGE congratulations there to you sir !!!

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I guess stl stl bracelets and I will never coexist. I have the hardest time getting one sized. I've got 4 pieces on stl stl bracelets. I keep em on those watches only because
IMO they appear better on those watches. I've become a neoprene strap guy. 1st neo
came on a Deep Blue. I wuz hooked!
Leather straps rate 2nd after neoprenes IMO.
Black Monster is on my nicest bracelet. Came from Watchadoo.

Marc at Long Island having a whale of a Black Friday sale the 28th

Lou Snutt
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