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Vintage watch of the day - January 2017

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I will kick this off. I am sure some members here are familiar with doing this. I am new to this forum and have not finished exploring yet. For those not familiar with this type of post, it gives you the chance to show off the vintage watch you are wearing for the day. I was looking at it seems like the vintage section seems kind of slow and I love vintage...heck I live in vintage threads lol

Today I have on my new arrival. A Ernest Borel Chronometre that appears to be free sprung. The movement is a serial numbered (Borel only numbered their chronometer movements) FHF 26 or 27. I have not measured the movement yet.

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Have you ever viewed a Hamilton 505 RR Grade wristie?
Meant to compete with Bulova 218 (the watch I wore on the RR)
the Ball, and the B W Raymond.
Lets just say the 505 wasn't the "Belle of the Ball" to working RR

X Traindriver Art (or Lou Snutt)
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Not trying to be nosy but who made the Sears

Lou Snutt
Just can't keep from commenting on that Tudor
Watch beauty personified.
When you die will you bequeath it to Lou Snutt?
You won't need it!!!! I'll even pay the shipping to
Texas. Is that a deel er what?

Lou Snutt
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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