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Dear Forum members,

Can anyone kindly help in identifying this watch which I picked up at a garage sale.

It's a ladies watch in a 9ct gold case with two hinges and is running well. The case measures about 1" across.

It seems to me to be of a style that dates perhaps to the 1920s. The two-tone green and gold dial is unmarked except for a 'SWISS MADE' marking on the base, but the strap, which looks to be original, is marked TUDOR and GENEVE- SUISSE.

The movement is stamped 15 jewels and 3 adjusts.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks indeed.


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Sorry. Can't help. Movement may be signed under the dial, but that requires a watchmaker to do without damaging the watch.

If the strap was marked. Case, dial and movement would have been. Most likely a replacement strap and generic watch.

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