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Just joined the site because i'm looking for some help with my first watch modding project.

Basically, I want to start a project which as closely as possible replicates the Bond Seamaster:

Watch Analog watch Clock Font Everyday carry

I'm based in the UK and i've found sites like this: DLW MODS - Seiko Watch Modification Parts

But i'm struggling to find parts with a vintage loom, dial and bezel, so I was hoping someone could put me in the right direction, please?

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Hi Kitsan, and welcome to WatchFreeks ! 😉

It actually looks like, or sounds like you already have a few cool places
right here above to tell the truth. (y) And your willingness to do some
of your own painting sounds fantastic. ..If you have the ability then go
for it I say. Because you can always touch up, or fix any mistakes right?!

Nothing is set in stone as they say.

I of course am no expert on modding, but we do hvae several members
here who are incredible at it. 🥇..Here's hoping they see your post here,
and can lend a helping hand, or two.

By the ay, I found these places below that might be of some help. ..With
the second one actually being in your neck of the woods. 😀


Omega Bezels | England | Swiss Limited Editions

Otto Frei Call 1-510-832-0355 For Watch Parts
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