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Super cool selection of watches that I am heavily considering picking up for myself, but I am undecided out of these five would you consider grabbing? Let me know I can not make up my mind!
Im tempted to go with the new "Cookie Monster" Rolex Sub, but its hard to turn away from a vintage Omega Speedmaster, or a Rolex vintage. What do you guys think..?

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Hello Mr. Norton, welcome ! :)

It's tough in these instances to make a decision because honestly
every single watch is out of this world exceptional. 馃懡馃くHowever,
what usually always helps is when you say you are leaning toward
one, and in this case, that would be the Cookie Monster. So actually
would just go with your heart, and go with that. 馃榾

It's a win win no matter which you were to go with actually. (y)(y)
Wishing you good luck, and hope you really have fun !

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Vintage watches can indeed be cool, but when it comes to big ticket vintage, one needs to be careful. Over-polished cases abound, as do poorly serviced movements that need a complete service and many parts replaced. Not to mention that watches over 20 years old (even professional dive watches) should not be worn near water, much less in it.

The white gold one looks nice, but at USD 48k, that's quite a lot of money for a case and bracelet that is quite soft and easily damaged (compared to stainless). For the Snoopy Speedy, it too is USD 48k.. With that price, are you sure you will wear it and enjoy it, or will these become safe queens ?
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