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Vintage LED Watches Advertisement

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I ran across this and thought it might be of interest to some as it shows pictures of and lists prices for 13 different LED watches from the 1970s. These vary from cheap to fairly expensive watches. Gives an idea of prices then versus current eBay offerings. Also what to look for if a certain model strikes your interest. My original Hamilton is a stainless steel version of number 4.

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Just the sight of this ad, the way it portrays the watches and the font used brings back a lot of memories. I was a teenager when these watches became affordable. This is great! I used to go to watch dealers and jewellers to ask for catalogues and I had a bunch of them. So close and yet so far away as they still were too expensive in the beginning. Would please share the link because I would like to have this ad and print it.
GoodWatch; Here you go.

Great show, thanks!

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