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? Vintage Elgin?

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My wife got this vintage Elgin SWISS auto for me 2 years ago for a wedding present . I have yet to find anything on this watch and it’s history. I’m guessing it’s possibly a 60’s-70’s watch but could be wrong . I’ve checked the Elgin sites I could find but everything seems to reference older pocket watch movements . I believe this one is a gold capped case. I cleaned it up after my wife gave it to me . The plastic crystal is in good shape and the movement is working perfect , I don’t think it’s ever been serviced since opening the case back shows no watch repair markings inside. Any direction or info would be appreciated.
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You should see a movement code when you have the caseback off. This might help you in your search to possibly narrow down to which models used a particular movement.

Good luck
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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