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Vintage Diver Yard Sale Find, Help?

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Hi all, I got this watch at a yard sale in a box with 5 other watches, I was able to find the others online, this one is harder to find info on, I plan on selling them to put towards a new watch, I've had a couple offers, but no clue on value, I asked for help on another forum a few days ago, no info just a offer to buy it, so if anyone here could help that would be wonderful.

watch works, the crystal is pretty scratched, with a nice band and new crystal it would be a great watch..
it says..

17 Jewels

1000 Meters
3300 fts

Full Steel Swiss Made Brev+387551
Super waterproof 708 Automatic incabloc 70694
Caribbean Triple-Safe

Thank you
[email protected]


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Gorgeous find, and valuable as well.

I couldn't price it for you, but it would easily fetch over $1k assuming it is real (and yes, there are quite a few fake Jenny Caribbean models floating around out there).
yeah, but i think the "toilet bowl" Caribbeans were the ones that were faked. 95% of the ones you see on the boards are fake-

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