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Villa available for rent on one of Thailands most beauitful tropical islands

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If you happen to be traveling to Thailand and want to stay in a private three-bedroom villa within a short walk to your own private beach, with two saltwater infinity pools with pool bars, restaurant including Asian and western cuisine, kayak and wind boards rentals(sorry no jet skis as this is a national park and jet skis are not permitted). Wonderful Thai hospitality and beautiful beaches. The villa is located in a luxury development on the island of Koh Chang Thailand's third largest island, with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and just a beautiful place to relax. There are boat charters for island hopping, diving, and snorkeling trips and many things to see and do.

Koh Chang Paradise Villa

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Holy cowza, talk about paradise Bob. 🌴🌞 It’s like vacationing in a
dream or something. 🌙 And it’s actually a National Park?! 😲(y)(y)

That is wild, or wildly cool AND awesome !

Thx a ton for the look at this sir !!!
I was very fortunate at the time I purchased the lot I was one of the first buyers in this development and took a huge risk. The island was known to be a backpacker's paradise and not known for luxury rentals, but in time that changed and the risk paid off. I purchased the lot in 2006, and it wasn't built till 2010 finally furnished it in 2011. It started out as a retirement villa but in 2015 I was financially hurting and started to rent it out, it did really well and it supported me after I got laid off in 2016. Then came the big hotel chain that bought an entire row of villas on the sand and forced small homeowners like me to lower our daily rates, and then in 2020 came covid, and that really put the hurt on, so the island was locked down for a year or more Now that Thailand is open again, I am back on track and the villa is rented from mid-December to last week of January, and then in the first week of February. That is why I am able to make the last watch purchase.

If anyone in this group is interested I would be happy to give a discounted rate.
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