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This is my Ventura V-Matic purchased a number of years ago that doesn't seem to get much wrist time these days (I know, it needs a cleaning). The most expensive and finest piece I own (about 5K in Europe). Purchased over there as Canada had an additional "luxury" tax plus all the regular taxes etc. for anything like this coming into the country. Called a jeweller in Toronto at the time for a price on the same watch and was quoted about 9K. The punitive luxury tax was abolished on nice watches in 2005 luckily for us Canadians, not sure it it holds true for our American friends.

C.O.S.C. 7750 Valjoux movement, titanium nitride coating, etc. etc. etc. to accolades. No longer available.

Really well balanced machinery in every aspect for the wrist. Even after so many years, still is accurate to just a couple seconds every week which is excellent for a mechanical device. Came with a water buffalo strap as well.


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