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Have to say TT, these look amazing all the way around ! 馃槸馃槈

Even the size seems perfect even though you would think
it might be small. But wow, incredible, it actually looks big,
and nice, and chunky. 馃榾 Maybe the bund has something
to do with that. One thin鈥檚 for sure though, it鈥檚 fascinating
to see.

The whole watch looks great, or actually spectacular True !
Love the style, finish, strap, movement, and way it looks like
it could have been on our father鈥檚, or grandfather鈥檚 wrist, or
in a draw of their鈥檚 years ago. (y)(y) Very nice sir, thx a ton
for the look !!!

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Personally, having not watched the video to completely (only looked at the watch), it is a replica of a 100+ year old trench watch.

Something that someone buying it will more than likely have little, if any, idea of / or connection to, is what they were used for (same goes for WWII / Flieger watches), or what the people who owned them back then went through, which was, for lack of better words, literally hell on earth.

Personally, I could never bring myself to glorify a replica like this, especially if it becomes a "fashion" statement using a Japanese Miyota movement (which did not exist back then, and if it were for a WWII watch, like the modern so called "Smiths", would be quite ironic, if not down right insulting to the memory of the people who used the original ones).

Phuck fashion statements. I think one's money would rather be spent restoring an actual watch from that era and letting it continue its life beyond that of the original owner and even myself. That would bring some meaning to my intervention in the life of the watch.

In fact, I do indeed posses a few silver cased, manual wind watches from the early 1900s where the "lugs" have been welded on in what looks to be done almost in desperation. They are sad to behold, knowing not what the original owner experienced.

It's a question of honouring the dead for the sacrifices they made (many of which we will never know) rather than profiting from a modern fashion statement, made in China, for the profit of a few people....

But then again, I'm now an old git....
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