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Union Glashutte Watches

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Lots of overlap (and similar company names) on these German brands and it gets a little confusing. This is a Swatch Group company. - site is in German

UNION GLASHUTTE/SA was founded in 1874 by Johannes Durrstein who took his first steps into watchmaking after her received an exclusive contract to be the distributor for the Glashutte firm A. Lange & Sons precision timepieces. These high end pieces were not selling as fast as he would have liked so he began his own venture in the Glashutte region of Germany. He named his venture UNION GLASHUTEE/SA.

At the turn of the century, Durrstein's 40 or so employees were all masters of the watchmaking skills of their time and assembled a range of timepieces from that period. Durrstein appointed his master watchmaker, Julius Bergter, to manufacture a quality watch to exceed even Union's existing 'Grande Complication' . The result was presented at the Leipzig Trade Exhibition in 1900 and marked a high point in the art of watchmaking: the 'Universal watch' with 18 complications long remained the world's most complicated watch. It represented the high level of quality which was a feature of Johannes Durrstein's work and his passion for detail.

Fast forward to 2008 with the re-launch of the UNION GLASHUTTE/SA brand. The brand includes 5 collections in varying complexities. The models range to suit both the beginning collector all the way up to the aficionado collector. These pieces are designed to capture the emotion of German watch connoisseurs.

UNION GLASHUTTE/SA watches are German mechanical watches that are beautifully crafted with timeless design and are an exceptional value. They are highly sought after timepieces both in Germany and abroad. While respecting the traditions of the brand and the label 'Made in Glashutte', but also with one eye firmly looking to the future, the traditional UNION GLASHUTTE/SA watch brand is back on track more than 100 years after it was founded

43mm / 7753 movement

41mm / 2897 movement

42.3 mm / 7751 movement

43mm / 7750 movement


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Two things size and cost. I no longer wear watches below 42mm an no longer buy below 45mm. Second thing to spend $2500.00 plus there are to many high end watches that would come first.
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